Arrange the kitchen walls in an original way

The kitchen is par excellence the space of the house that needs all the functionality possible. However, this requirement should not make you neglect the importance of creating a welcoming and aesthetic environment. The kitchen is certainly not a simple environment to furnish and decorate, as you are bound by the presence of many pieces of furniture and appliances that may not leave you maximum freedom. If you think the only solution is to replace the furniture, know that this is not the only solution, especially if you don't want to face a high cost. In fact, there are some little tricks that can help you completely revolutionize your kitchen. Aiming for details may be the solution you are looking for, to create a renewed, harmonious and beautiful looking space. With this in mind, you can choose to furnish the kitchen walls and you will see that you will be more than satisfied with the result.

Kitchen furnishing : 9 original ideas for original walls

Walls, in fact, are elements that should not be left aside when designing a kitchen; on the contrary, if used in the best possible way, they can contribute to transforming the entire environment in an original way. So it's not just about furniture, but also about original and practical ideas to personalize a living space in your home. The use of vertical spaces also allows you to free the kitchen from unnecessary clutter and to tidy up the house. But how do you do it ? There are many different ideas available, each of them offering you the possibility to decorate the walls of your kitchen. Don't forget that you should choose not only according to your personal taste, but also taking into account the elements that best suit the style of your kitchen. - Shelves and shelves are the most classic and useful idea of furniture to liven up the empty walls of a kitchen. These elements allow you to create a partially open environment by installing visible structures. In this way, you can break the monotony caused by the presence of closed furniture. Shelves are very trendy because they allow you to achieve a contemporary and informal style, in addition to the fact that they allow you to recuperate space, especially when you need to furnish a small kitchen. By equipping the kitchen walls with shelves (in metal or wood), you order this environment without weighing it down, but with a touch of lightness. Modular and flexible solutions are also available on the market to better meet your needs. - As an alternative to shelving, you can opt for open storage units. These are certainly useful complements, but also very suggestive. You can choose colored metal cubes to be placed at different heights, on the wall you have chosen in the kitchen, in order to move the surface. - The details make the difference and you can't ignore the accessories in the kitchen, we suggest you use small objects to hang on the walls of your kitchen. In particular, designer and original hangers can furnish a wall in a pleasant but also practical way. How many times can you not find potholders when you need them or you just don't know where to put the broom? Perfect, it could be a nice and original idea to think about installing a wall baseboard or hangers that can be useful in different ways, as well as furnishing the kitchen walls. By choosing models, personalization is assured. - For a touch of elegance, it can be ideal to think about placing your bottles on the wall, choosing between different bottle holders with original shapes that decorate your walls with design and style. With this solution, you can have your wine bottles neatly arranged and displayed. You can choose between different materials, shapes and designs. - If in the past the pots and pans were placed in plain sight in the kitchen, today everything is done to hide them. In fact, especially if you have some nice special pots, you can think about putting them on the wall. The advantages of this type of solution should not be underestimated : the pots are neatly arranged and within easy reach. The possible systems for hanging pots and pans and furnishing the kitchen walls are varied and you can choose the one that best suits the style of your kitchen and is most practical for you. - The use of a metal grid is always recommended when evaluating elements to hang objects on the kitchen walls and decorate it in a functional way. The hooks are therefore used to hang anything you want or can use in the kitchen. - Aromatic herbs should not be missing in any kitchen. With a few simple tips, you too can create your own herb pantry and decorate the kitchen walls at the same time. The simplest solution is to install shelves on which the various plant pots are placed. You can also install metal bars to hang the flower pots on. In both cases, be sure to choose a wall position far enough away from the cooking hob. Indeed, the fumes and heat could disturb the growth of your plants. - Wallpaper is not only an object to decorate the walls of your kitchen, but also wall coverings. If you don't have special practical needs, you can dare to cover a wall with wallpaper. By taking care to match the walls to the floor, wallpaper is never an insignificant choice; on the contrary, it gives character to the kitchen environment. It is up to you to decide whether you want to create a more classic effect, play with contrasts or ironic patterns. - Creating a blackboard surface is one of the most popular trends to transform kitchen walls. So you have two possibilities : hang a large blackboard on the wall or apply the blackboard paint on the wall. In both cases, you can create a surface that becomes an integral part of the environment, in addition to the fact that it livens up the kitchen almost naturally. The blackboard wall is extremely useful because you can write anything on it : messages, reminders, shopping list or simply draw. The alternative : the magnetic wall. Instead of the blackboard wall, you can opt for a magnetic wall. In this case too, there are special paints to turn your wall into a large magnet, or you can decide to install large metal panels.

Furnishing kitchen walls : easy and for every need

If you are convinced that transforming your kitchen, in order to give it more vitality, can only be a question of furniture, you are mistaken. How much would it cost you to change your kitchen cabinets every time you want a new touch? The answer is of course multiple. The alternatives consist mainly of using one or more empty walls that you have in the kitchen. In fact, furnishing a wall allows you to satisfy your needs from a practical and aesthetic point of view. Moreover, these ideas allow you not only to furnish in an original way, but also to not spend too much money. The challenge is to start from your needs and understand what can be more useful and functional in furnishing the kitchen walls. If, for example, you have furniture full of utensils and you don't know where to put them, it may be essential that you think about putting pots and pans on the wall. In the same way, shelves can be used to make room in the furniture, but also to liven up the walls. Whatever you decide, the important thing is that you can create an environment in the kitchen that makes you feel comfortable and inviting, as well as beautiful. This is the only way to furnish the kitchen walls in a way that is not only different and easy to do. Practical advice: 5 essential tips to decorate the walls of your home.
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