Do-it-yourself ideas with perforated panels

Perforated plates originally come from the workshop or DIY sector. In the meantime, however, practical aids to tidiness are no longer found exclusively on site, but increasingly also in apartments. An unbeatable argument in favor of rasterized tool boards : they are inexpensive and create a lot of space with little effort. Especially in small apartments or wherever many objects have to be stored, they provide exceptional service. Whether in the bedroom, kitchen, recreation room, hall or bathroom. Even the furniture giant IKEA now has practical aids in its range. DIY gift ideas that cost little but bring a lot of joy Are you still looking for Christmas presents with a personal touch ? In that case, it would be best to make the gift yourself without too much effort! Find out more - do you want inspiration for your own project ? No problem : here are some solutions that are as practical as they are decorative.

1. More space in the office

No matter whether you have a large or small desk: as a horizontal shelf, the perforated panel creates a lot of space.

2. A sewing box

Thread, scissors and all the necessary utensils always at hand on the wall, so that the work is easy.

3. Storage box

To keep the storage boxes opaque: a perforated sheet metal frame door and nothing falls out anymore.

4. Checkroom

With additional bars, the perforated panel becomes a flexible locker room.

5. Trowel, grass, bric-a-brac

Of course, there is always order in the kitchen, but with a perforated panel, everything can be easily stored on the wall.

6. Opaque in the sideboard

Not everything is suitable for decorative presentation on shelves or hooks at all times. A closed buffet can help here. You also don't have to do without the concise design of the holes here.

7. Bulletin board and more

Also as a framed bulletin board for messages, memos, jewelry or other knick-knacks, the perforated plate does a good job.

8. Tidy in baby's room

You can also store the Krims and Krams of the smallest with a Pegboard (hence the English name) on the wall.

9. Arrange a room

Creams, books, magazines and also the alarm clock want to be housed in the room. With a discreet perforated panel on the wall, you can also create space for everything that is needed in the bedroom.

10. Artistic and creative

Perforated panels are primarily functional, but they are also suitable as canvas for artistic production, whether with colors or thread.
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