Kitchen : a wooden worktop, good or bad idea ?

Do you have a renovation project in mind for your kitchen or are you thinking about doing it and wondering whether or not to opt for a wood countertop ? Discover the advantages of a wood countertop, how to clean it, the maintenance it needs and, above all, the related costs.

Wooden kitchen worktops : the ecological point of view

The wooden kitchen top is made of solid wood strips that have first been dried and then glued together to obtain a homogeneous product. This process reduces the natural defects of the wood. The special feature of a wooden kitchen top is that the wood is a natural product. As a result, your plan will NEVER be identical to another. Therefore, each wooden kitchen top sold is an authentic and unique piece. This makes these little marvels limited editions. With this type of ecological design, you reduce the level of toxins in the air within the perimeter of your home by having, unlike other materials, no VOC emissions or volatile organic compounds. These are present in many household products and materials, from cleaning products to paint. Therefore, it is better to opt for environmentally friendly paints. To obtain a 100% ecological product, it would be preferable to use untreated wood. However, it should be taken into account that in this case, this type of wood could easily get stained, ruined, dented and burned. Considering this, if you are not rigorous by nature, it is better to opt for treated wood.

Maintenance of the wooden kitchen countertop

In case you don't want to be too careful in the kitchen, you should first treat the wood with a protective oil, passing it well through all areas before installation. It is important to give more protective oil to make the wood worktop more resistant to moisture. If you do this work, remember to pass through several thin coats rather than one thick coat. Also, always follow the grain to get a better result. If you don't feel able to do it yourself, ask for help from an expert, who can do an optimal job. Between passes, it is good that the surface is well dry. At this stage, the wooden kitchen worktop will be protected against wear and tear. There are also other products, such as resins, with which the wood can be treated to make it waterproof and give it greater resistance.

Wooden kitchen top cleaning system

The new wooden kitchen top must be treated with oil every week for the first six weeks after installation. Do a thorough cleaning, especially on the central island of the wood plan. Afterwards, you can decrease the cleaning frequency as you wish. This maintenance will allow you to preserve the color and shine of the kitchen countertop. Also avoid exposing the wooden kitchen top to water for prolonged periods of time. If this happens, dry the wooden work area immediately.  Please note that this cleaning should be done regularly using chemical-free detergent and hot water only.

What to do if the wooden kitchen top is damaged ?

It is a good idea to always cut food on a shelf and not directly on the kitchen top, so as not to risk cutting and damaging it. When you have hot pots and pans, do not place them directly on the kitchen worktop, but use the trivet. Direct contact with copper or steel can stain the surface of the wood, so always place something else between the top and what you want to lean on. If, unfortunately, your wooden kitchen top is damaged, you can sand it with sandpaper. For a better result, moisten the surface a little before sanding. After sanding with sandpaper, brush the oil on the top. Vegetable oils are used for the wooden worktop in the kitchen. They are not all the same, so to obtain a quality oil, contact a local dealer. This is very important, if you take care of these details, your wooden kitchen top will last a very long time. In fact, lately, damaged wooden kitchen tops are very fashionable! You may wonder, but what do you mean ? Basically, the wood defects are left in their natural state, with dents and so on, and it takes on a vintage look! The wood retains the irregularities that set it apart, giving it a rough and natural look. You will obviously have to choose according to your tastes and needs, also evaluating the style of the rest of the house.

The price of a wooden kitchen plan

The most common materials used for kitchen tops are wood, laminate, marble and steel. The wooden kitchen top is really pleasant to the touch, elegant and offers a beautiful design to your home. Therefore, it is mainly due to its authentic beauty that it is quite expensive compared to plans made of other materials.
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