What is a shabby chic kitchen ?

Chic style kitchens have been very successful in recent years. It is the shabby chic style. It is certainly one of the most fashionable trends of the moment, in terms of decoration and furnishing. Shabby chic means "ramshackle chic". It is the evolution of the country style. Objects and furniture have an antique, almost neglected look, which, if placed in the right context, make the environment elegant, welcoming and romantic. If you are looking for an elegant and creative idea to furnish your kitchen, here are some suggestions and tips to create an elegant kitchen in the shabby chic style.

How to furnish a shabby chic kitchen ?

The first step to furnish a shabby chic kitchen is to choose an appropriate color palette. The shabby style is actually based on pastel colors, such as: dove gray, pearl gray, light green, white or lavender. These are all natural shades. As far as the choice of materials is concerned, prefer materials such as: wood, stone or terracotta.  Other decorative elements such as tablecloths, curtains and other fabric elements should be made of linen, cotton or hemp. If you want to recreate at home the charm of the shabby chic kitchens you see in magazines, you should also include at least one antique piece of furniture, such as a cabinet with a display case, where you can display your collection of dishes, or a rustic wooden table in your kitchen. You can also choose a period piece of furniture, such as a kitchen cart or a simple chest of drawers in an antique style, with traces of peeling paint that give the room an antique charm to preserve. In its natural shade, or a pastel color, it will match the rest of the furniture. These elements will give the kitchen a lived-in look and a nostalgic atmosphere to your kitchen. In addition to carefully choosing the color of the furniture and its style, it is also essential to choose the color of the walls with care. They should be white or in a pastel shade such as : light blue, lilac or mayonnaise color.

How to accessorize a shabby chic kitchen ?

In order for your kitchen decoration to be elegant and original while respecting the codes of a romantic and warm atmosphere of the past, you must choose the furnishing accessories with care. Vintage objects, natural fabrics, wicker baskets and lace tablecloths with floral patterns are elements to own. The first kitchen accessory to choose will be the dinner service. It can be made of white porcelain or decorated with floral motifs. It is possible to hang it on the wall or to display it in a sideboard. As for the crockery, opt for copper pots and pans with a vintage look. They are most beautiful when hung on the walls. Treated glass pots are also perfect to give an extra rustic touch. On the shelves, place porcelain pots where you can store spices, flour or cookies. Vintage period accessories such as lanterns, vases or Provencal-style clocks will transport you to a bygone past and add style to your kitchen, in addition to adding lace tablecloths with matching centerpieces and napkins.

How to give charm to a chic shabby kitchen ?

To light a shabby chic kitchen, choose a drop crystal chandelier for a perfect vintage style. Otherwise, a wicker or fabric chandelier can also do the trick. In a kitchen with a chic and romantic decoration, it is imperative to have flowers. Gathered in bouquets and hung on the walls, or kept in period vases, they will enchant the occupants of the room. As the shabby chic style is a clever mix between country style and modern style, it is therefore necessary to know how to arrange these different elements in the right way. By creating, for example, a small planter in the corner of the kitchen, your plants and fruits will be able to grow near your kitchen island. To bring an old-fashioned touch to your entire decoration, place eggs in a wicker basket next to your fruit basket. Alternatively, as another decorative element, arrange wooden frames, perhaps containing a few vintage photos or a floral background to give a touch of elegance to the walls. Around the table, you can insert a wooden wall box, to be decorated with different kinds of cushions, always to be chosen from the typical shabby chic color palette. The chairs should also be made of wood and have a traditional look.

How to save money in the installation of a shabby chic kitchen ?

Lovers of the shabby chic style know it, furniture of this style can be sold at varying prices. This is why you must be careful if you have a tight budget. Since the shabby chic style is mainly based on the arrangement of antique furniture and decorations, it is wise to save money by buying items at a flea market. You can find antiques or uniquely styled antique furniture to furnish your kitchen at low prices. In stores, you can buy decorations such as frames, plates or vases with an antique look that you can then customize with paint. You can also give an antique style typical of dingy chic to your furniture by using simple DIY techniques. On the web, several tutorials guide you on how to strip a piece of furniture or how to give a vintage effect to a wooden table or console. Easily transform the furniture you have in your home. Simply paint them, sand them, to give them a whole new look. Those who love shabby chic style can also search for the perfect furnishing accessories for their kitchen, directly on the web. Several websites are dedicated to the sale of shabby style decoration and furniture. This is a great deal for your wallet. In order to save money, it is always advisable to ask for a quote before making a purchase. It's free and without obligation. This will allow you to compare the different offers on the market and choose the one that suits you best.
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