Why choose a white kitchen ?

There are many styles and types of white kitchens that can be used as inspiration today.  In fact, white furniture has become an undisputed trend. In fact, for some time now, it has managed to establish itself on the market and become a true must-have color for the home. Born as a purely suggested solution for modern and contemporary environments, white kitchens have been so successful with buyers that white kitchens of different styles, shapes and types can now be found on the market. White corner kitchens, white island kitchens, small prefabricated or modular kitchens, you will have a wide range of choices. Among the most popular and appreciated models, let's highlight a few. Modern white kitchens, with their minimalist shapes and essential features, are functional, high-tech kitchens. The most recommended solution for those who wish to harmoniously continue the predominant style of other rooms. Among modern white kitchens, there are many models and solutions to meet your needs. From large kitchens to space-saving, yet economical kitchens, luxury kitchens and kitchens made up of real design pieces. White shabby chic kitchens : romantic and elegant but also trendy and never trite and obvious, the shabby chic style has become very popular in recent years. Furniture, pieces of furniture and various accessories have been designed and marketed by designers from all over the world. To ensure continuity and make the home a different harmonious space, one can be inspired by shabby chic white kitchens. Rustic white kitchens : the rustic style is a style that has almost always existed. Whereas in the past, rustic white kitchens were mainly proposed for country or mountain houses, this preconceived idea has now been overcome. In fact, white rustic kitchens have also made their way into the city's houses and apartments, catering to all tastes and budgets. White lacquered kitchens : these kitchens are perfect for small or narrow spaces. Their design and structure are able to give brightness to the room, giving the impression that everything is much larger and deeper. They are also highly recommended for those who, beyond the size, love bright rooms. White lacquered kitchens, in fact, are able to retain and reflect light, highlighting and illuminating even the most secluded and darkest corners. White kitchens with contrasting tops : an increasingly appreciated furnishing solution is one that sees white kitchens combined with contrasting materials and capable of enhancing the white color of the furniture. An excellent idea to make the environment more dynamic and less anonymous is to choose a material or color that is able to impose itself with style to the predominant white. Black, laminate, stainless steel, marble or granite, you will be spoilt for choice.

White kitchens : materials and treatments

White kitchens can be made with different types of materials and, at the same time, the treatments with which you can work them are varied and different. White kitchens in wood, masonry, terracotta and marble are very common. The surfaces of wooden kitchens, in particular, can be lacquered or coated with laminate, polymer or PVC. One type of material that has gained ground recently is Corian, a durable composite material made of aluminum, resin and colored pigments. There are also the very chic and elegant glass-ceramic kitchens, which, if they are of good quality, are still solid and difficult to ruin. Whatever material you choose, a quality kitchen is one that has undergone all the necessary surface treatments. In other words, these are special processes capable of making surfaces resistant to chemical and/or physical aggression (which can very easily occur in an environment such as the kitchen). One of the best known, for example, is the high temperature heat treatment, capable of making materials impermeable and stable. In addition, it is also worth mentioning surface treatments characterized by the use of special oils (different according to the material treated) that aim to make kitchen surfaces smooth to the touch. To get an idea of the type of material you are going to buy and how it has been previously treated by the production company, ask for advice from an experienced professional who can explain all the different elements of the technical data sheet. This person can not only show you step by step how the kitchen has been treated, but, above all, can explain in advance the qualities and advantages that will result from the treatments given.

White kitchens : what are the prices ?

Like any other furnishing accessory, the price of a white kitchen will be influenced in the first place by the materials chosen and their size. The higher the value of the chosen elements, the larger the surface and the higher the costs. In general, it is difficult to find a kitchen on the market with a purchase price of less than 600 euros (and in this case it is always a small kitchen). Of course, labor costs must be excluded from these figures. It is true that it is often the dealers themselves who guarantee (included in the price) the assembly and assembly of the furniture. But if this is not the case, the average cost in these cases varies (on average) from 20 to 30 euros per hour.

White kitchens : how to save money ?

Before buying your white kitchen, to make sure you have chosen the best one (at the lowest price), compare the estimate you received with offers from other retailers. Indeed, asking for additional quotes could be useful to analyze the different expense items and identify who, for the same costs, is able to guarantee you the best service. It may happen, for example, that the person who guaranteed you the lowest price did so without including certain services such as assembly. What happens then is that you are convinced that you are saving money while, on the other hand, given the additional labour costs, you will find yourself spending more than you had imagined. At the same time, there may also be those who, for a small extra charge, include the transportation and assembly of the furniture in the final estimate (saving you money on the final cost). So take care to evaluate these small things as well and make all the necessary forecasts before making your final choice. Don't forget, in the end, the deductions recognized in this respect by the law of stability. If the purchase of your kitchen is part of the renovation and valorization actions, you can indeed benefit from tax advantages which (thanks to a discount on the IRPEF or IRES) will allow you to recover from 50 of the cost. These little tricks can, in fact, make the difference right away.
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