11 decorative accessories to decorate white walls

You want to give an extra touch and life to this too white and naked wall, but you don't know where to start ? Think of the wall as a sheet of white paper, an immaculate canvas to paint on, on which you can let all your creativity and taste flow, making the room more intimate and pleasant. You can fill the space with decorations that will become protagonists, or with elements in light tones that will give movement and character without dominating the interior, or choose colorful decorations that brighten up the walls and can be colored to match or contrast with the decor.

Wall decoration: several furnishing accessories to choose from

When you decide to decorate a wall, you can choose from a wide range of furnishing accessories : wood or wallpaper, paintings or wall stickers, bright colors or pastel tones. Start by choosing the best interior design style for your home, then evaluate the space you have available. Here's how you can decorate white walls, which illuminate and expand the space, highlighting any type of furniture. Choose the type of modern and sober decoration if your living room is dominated by white. First of all, you can create a little contrast by inserting a beautiful colored carpet. It is not necessarily necessary to add accessories and prominent decorations to the walls to decorate white walls, on the contrary, you can use the same tones of the room, creating a sober and elegant effect. An imposing decoration adds originality and elegance even to a minimalist decor, creating a lively and pleasant whole. Not only the current furnishing accessories make the whole harmonious and lively. Light and plants can add movement and liveliness to the furniture, which has a white wall as a background. Black and white are an elegant combination. Choosing this refined contrast as the dominant element of furniture and decoration can be a winning choice, to be highlighted with two paintings that are almost the negative of each other, or with black and white photographs.

11 ideas for a well-decorated white wall

- The shelves If you want to find a beautiful and useful way to decorate your empty wall, then there is no doubt: you must use shelves! This will not only make the wall more interesting and original, but will also give you more space to put books, plants and other objects! It doesn't take much: with two or three add-ons you can work miracles. You can opt for particularly unusual, weird and nice shelves that will make the wall as surprising and unique as possible ! - The wallpaper Wallpaper, especially if it is colored, can give energy and movement to the walls. Choose the one that best suits the context, with a texture that gives color to the environment. Sometimes even simple lines in soft tones are enough without adding anything else. If you want to distort the look of the room, you can evaluate wallpapers with perspective effects that give depth to the environment. - Paintings and posters How to decorate white walls with a cheerful, colorful and inexpensive solution ? With posters! There's something for everyone, just look for your model while thinking about the style and colors of your room. Botanical posters, in particular, are very popular because they are a fabulous and comfortable alternative to physical houseplants by decorating the wall wisely. The paintings can also be the same function, in different sizes and prices. You can choose to furnish the wall with several small paintings, arranging them to scale or according to a precise composition, if space permits, or you can opt for a single large painting that will dominate the scene. Another simple furnishing accessory, similar to paintings and posters, is photography, which is a very common type of interior decoration and always impressive because it evokes memories, reminiscences and affection. - Reliefs and volumes One of the most elegant solutions to furnish a wall is the arrangement of panels with geometric reliefs that will allow you to obtain a look of different shades. If you don't like colors, an atmosphere of pure white embellishing the wall for an elegant and refined effect is also perfectly suitable. - Vertical garden If you want to dare and leave everyone speechless, then this decoration is for you! Vertical gardens are custom projects in which particular plants are grown on a wall, or part of it, and watered by a hidden irrigation system. They look as if they are in a classic vase, but in fact they are located along the wall of your living room! This system allows you to bring nature into your home in an original way, giving it vitality and naturalness. - The stickers These furnishing accessories are becoming very popular when it comes to choosing the solution to decorate white walls. There are many types, sizes, themes and colors, so they are suitable for all ages and rooms. They are placed behind the sofa or above the television, but also in the bedroom. Their simplicity and ease of application make them perfect complements to decorate white walls according to your taste. There are also stickers, washi tapes, which can be stuck and unstuck several times, without damaging the wall, so you can easily change furniture whenever you want. - Painting Color is certainly the most classic solution to decorate white walls. Using colors in a skillful and original way is the easiest and most immediate way to decorate the interior of a house. Is there a hue that you like so much but are afraid to apply to the whole room? Opt for a simple wall, even if it is a bright color. You will create a pleasant contrast with the rest. Of course, to choose the ideal color combination, you will have to evaluate the type of room, lighting and furniture present. In a bedroom or living room, for example, you can choose warm and bright colors that create a welcoming and positive atmosphere. In the bathroom, on the other hand, opt for light, pastel tones to give a feeling of order and cleanliness. But by painting, you also mean a beautiful and original drawing, as if the wall were a giant canvas, a painting whose theme, size, colors, etc. can be chosen. - Lamps Consider inserting a particular light, such as neon, to give a touch of magic to the naked white wall. The surprise effect will be guaranteed, even if you can only enjoy it in the evening. - Material decorations A valid option is to cover part of the wall with a material that can radically change the appearance of the entire room, creating a lively and modern effect with the material texture of the chosen covering. For a new, original and natural effect of the wall, you can opt for stone as a decoration tool. This solution is especially applied in country houses to which you want to give a particularly rustic style. However, today there are many other, even more modern possibilities, such as bricks of different thicknesses for example, which create a minimal and contemporary space. Wood is another cladding material. The presence of this furnishing accessory on the walls of the house represents an original and particularly suggestive decorative touch. Wooden panels will give the room more warmth and a more rustic and welcoming look. You can also use this material for other small decorative details, such as shelves or bedside tables, to create a harmonious atmosphere. - The mirrors They are used not only to decorate white walls, but also to enlarge and lighten a room that is too small, especially if you place them in front of each other or in front of the window. - Pallets and crates It is now fashionable to use raw wooden pallets and crates as furniture. Easy to find, they offer a perfect environment of shabby style. You can use them as shelves, tables, sofas with soft cushions to put on top, containers, decorations... Before you start decorating the white walls of your home, carefully evaluate the style and colors that are present in the room to choose a suitable complement. Also keep in mind that you must be careful not to overdo it and not fill the environment with excessive elements. To achieve a phenomenal result, only small touches are necessary. Intervene with furnishing accessories that, when combined with decoration and elegance, make the environment harmonious. Don't forget to create movement by positioning them at different heights, using different shapes and selecting the same color palette. The white wall will no longer be a problem, but will become the basis of your creative ensemble.
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