What types of pots and pans to buy ?

Before buying a pot, you should first ask yourself what it is used for and what type. If you want to sear meat or other things quite vividly, you need a pan that can also be heated to a high temperature. For example a stainless steel pan. Friends of fried vegetables certainly don't need such a pan, here for example, a teflon coated pan is sufficient.

What is important for all frying pans

What is important for all stoves is energy efficiency. With cheap products, deformation can occur quickly and therefore energy loss can occur due to, for example, curved pan bottoms. Pans must absorb heat from the cooking area and distribute it evenly. If this is not successful, some parts of the pan are hotter than others and food may be already cooked in some places and still raw in others.

Material : what are the pans made of ?

Pans with a Teflon coating or ceramic products have the reputation of being a universal pan. In the lower price range, the pots and pans are mainly made of aluminum and are very light. If you want to have something more in your hand, you can buy a stainless steel type pot with a coating in the upper price range. These pots are much heavier than aluminum pots, but they are also more robust and can withstand higher temperatures, provided the lining allows it. Therefore, before using them, the manufacturer's instructions regarding the maximum frying temperature should be followed, as not all coatings can withstand extremely high heat. Unfortunately, Teflon and, in the long term, most ceramic veneers are not scratch-resistant. Cutting or scratching with sharp objects in the pan is therefore absolutely taboo. In coated pans, you can cook fish or vegetables gently, but you can also prepare fried potatoes or steak. The coating prevents the food from sticking and thus contributes to better success when frying fish or poultry, but also pasta such as pancakes. In addition, you need less fat when preparing food in a coated pan.

Cast iron and stainless steel pans : for the best roasting aromas

For those who love spicy frying, the good old iron frying pan is a must. Cast iron and stainless steel frying pans can easily reach extremely high frying temperatures, which can be stored and therefore well maintained due to their mass. The meat in the pan becomes crispy on the outside and stays juicy on the inside. Roasted potatoes become very crispy in an iron frying pan. Iron or steel doesn't matter, you might think so, but there are always differences in the material and the manufacturing process, which are reflected in the price and the handling. In the manufacture of cast iron stoves, the cast iron is heated to such an extent that it becomes liquid and then poured into moulds to cool. For the stainless steel type ladle, chromium and nickel are first added to the steel. To shape the pan, round pieces are cut out of the steel sheet and formed in the pan by deep drawing. As a result, a cast iron pan is generally cheaper than a stainless steel pan. When the cast iron pan cooks properly, it receives a natural non-stick coating. Unfortunately, if the stainless steel pan is not used properly, food will stick to it.

Copper pots and pans : which make optimal use of the heat

Copper type pans are very well suited for uniform heat conduction. Due to the material, they react very quickly to changes in heat, but also cool down very quickly. Copper pans are also available with a stainless steel coating, which prevents the food from reacting with the copper and thus the copper from entering the food. Pure copper pans are not suitable for induction. However, they are also available with a base equipped accordingly, so that use on the induction stove is guaranteed.

Apply what you have learned : what type of saucepans are you ?

Once the material question has been clarified, the shape remains important. If you need a sauté pan, grill, pancake pan, wok, braising pan or frying pan?

Frying pan : the classics

Frying pans are the classics and have a flat to medium high rim and an elegant handle.

Sauté pan : perfect for goulash

Due to the high edge, it is possible to process more liquid in a braising pan than in a normal frying pan. This is very advantageous for the preparation of sliced meat or goulash, for example. If the pan is made of heat-resistant steel, it can also be pushed into the oven to finish cooking or baking. As the braising pan is usually larger and heavier than a normal pan, it has a second handle.

Grilling pan : If you like to grill, the grilling pan is the right choice for you.

The grooves at the bottom allow for an even distribution of heat. The food to be grilled is slightly raised in the pan so that the sauce can accumulate in the spaces between the pan and the food. Meat and vegetables are therefore not cooked in their own juices but grilled in the grooves. In addition, grilled foods are presented in the typical grill pattern.

Pancake pan : for delicious breakfasts

A pancake pan is particularly flat and has a low edge. This makes it easier to turn flat pancakes over without tearing them.

Fish pan : enough space for delicious fish dishes

For fish lovers, the fish pan is certainly the right choice. It has an oval shape and offers enough space for a whole fish with head and tail. Sautierpfanne : for fast and strong frying The sauté pan, short frying at high temperature, also has a high rim, which should allow you to sear meat and vegetables without fat splashes reaching the cooking plate.

Wok pan, bring Asia home

So far, a good stove has an even heat distribution. However, when cooking in a wok pan, you need areas with different temperatures. The pan is therefore designed so that the temperature is very high in the center and lower towards the edges. So, for example, meat can be hot fried in the center, while vegetables are lightly cooked at the edges.

The basic equipment for universal cooks

In most homes, you will find a frying pan and an ember, which vary in size depending on the number of people in the household and can be used universally. Depending on eating habits and cooking experience, a stainless steel or cast iron pan, and if necessary with a coating, is a good choice.
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