Find original modern masters paintings online


The world has gone digital, with the majority of physical items going online. Artists and painters also embrace technology to grab the endless opportunities found online. However, not all paintings and artworks found online are original. Most of them are counterfeits or imitations. It takes resources to identify modern masters paintings which is the main topic of discussion in this article.


The best way to find authentic paintings online is their origin. There are a lot of businessmen who prey on unpatented artwork and sell them. Not everywhere you see art for sale is an art shop. Such businesses do not give credits to the painters or artists, which denies the rightful owner their dues. The best online spaces to find masters paintings are art museum websites, art gallery and art academies.

Such establishments have defined ways to remit proceeds to the rightful owner. They also observe the quality, have the best staffing to take care of the paintings and have exhibition halls. Log in to their online platforms, select your preferred painting purchase. Alternatively, you can walk into their exhibition halls and buy a painting.

Most contemporary painters have an online platform where they exhibit their art. However, before further engagement, make due diligence and confirm if they are original owners.


Most paintings and artworks have serial numbers, which help in classification. Art galleries use this technique to identify classic paintings, which in turn help trace their origin. Any un-dated or unclassified painting is either counterfeited or below the required format. Historical arts exhibition such as impressionist art gallery used this strategy to trace the artwork owners. Some painters had their signature codes, names and years of painting to help classify artwork better. If an online art shop sells painting without credits, consider other options.

Purchase History

Any classic or contemporary painting has a purchase history to trace previous owners. When an art gallery buys a painting, especially from renowned artists, they attempt to trace back previous owners for historical purposes. Such information helps in tracing its heritage and worthiness since art appreciates with time. A vintage painting hosted in an impressionist art gallery costs a fortune, considering its age and aesthetic value.

Key Words

Purchasing anything online, especially patented or personalised items, require keywords. In contemporary painting, the artist’s name, studio or art gallery can be the first thing you look for. Such keywords show ownership or authenticity. You can now probe the legality of such sites if you want to buy. For painters who died long ago, some organisations operate in their name as a trust. Look out for such elements before jumping on any “Art for Sale” poster online. Modern masters paintings have unique wordings to separate original from counterfeit.

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