3 different ideas for a nice Easter decoration

As Easter approaches, many people think about decorating an original Easter party. One is glamorous with golden and metallic colors, the other natural with feathers and a creative variation with little Easter bunnies in plasticine. If you are thinking about how to design your Easter table, here are three very different Easter decorations that you can apply.

Natural Easter decoration with feathers

For those who don't like colors, you can create beautiful, simple and natural Easter egg decorations with just a few materials. Simply hang the blown Easter eggs on flowering twigs and place them on the windowsill or another beautiful spot in your living room. Here is everything you need for natural Easter decoration. First, carefully make two holes in the top and bottom. Carefully blow the eggs out and clean them with water. Dry the eggs and cut the feathers to the right size for the eggs. Then take each feather in your hand and fold them in different places towards the bottom. This way you break the style a little and the feathers nestle better in the egg. Apply glue to the underside of the feathers and stick them to the egg. Brush the upper side of the feathers again with a brush until the feather sticks well to the egg. Finally, let the egg dry. Finally, attach a string to a match and pass it through the small hole in the top of the egg. Then hang the eggs on the branches. Namely, brown eggs combined with black and white feathers and black and white feathers also give a nice natural look at Easter.

A glamorous Easter decoration

In addition to Christmas and New Year, Easter can also take a little "bling bling". With beautiful metallic shades and a bit of glitter, it gives the Easter table a touch of glamour. You can also make simple golden paper egg holders by matching them with the eggs. Here's everything you need for glamorous Easter decorations. Let your intuition run wild. You can, for example, pour glitter glue on the eggs, decorate them with dots, spots or snake lines, or cover the surfaces with tape before painting them. Not only white eggs, but also brown eggs can be very beautiful in combination with pink gold and silver. For egg holders, cut thin strips of paper measuring 2 cm x 40 cm. If your paper is very strong and thick, you can also shorten the strips. Apply the glue stick to one side of the paper and roll the strip into a small ring. The ring should be wide enough for you to place your eggs in. Press firmly on the paper and let the glue harden.

A creative Easter decoration

Especially when the children are at the table, the little Easter bunnies will certainly make big eyes on Sunday morning. If you eat breakfast outside, the rabbits can also be used as weights for napkins. Here's what you need for creative Easter decorating. Heat the dough with your hands until it becomes a kneadable dough. Then unroll a cylindrical half sausage, which is straight at the bottom and rounded at the top. Then form two slightly folded rabbit ears and carefully knead them into the top of the sausage. You can soften the transitions with a little water. Use a toothpick to sculpt the face. Bake the dough in the oven at 110 degrees Celsius for half an hour. Follow the instructions on the package if they are different. There is also modeling clay that can be air-dried in the open air.
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