Decoration trends in winter for a cosy home

As winter approaches, times change and so does the decoration. To have a successful decoration in winter, and bring warmth to your home, there are tips for all tastes.

The colors for a successful decoration in winter

The interior decoration must match your style, while having a modern touch. And there are many possibilities to have a trendy decoration, for all tastes. We present four color trends for this year with matching furnishing tips. Trend 1: Back to nature - favour accessories in natural colors such as green and brown. The use of natural colors and materials such as pine cones, nuts, fir green, wood, etc. are very fashionable. It is not surprising that these colors are very present in your home. They bring a warm effect in your home and give a cosy and comfortable atmosphere in winter. Trend 2: A dreamy winter atmosphere with light colors. Wooden or glass accessories in delicate white and pastel tones brighten up the house and give it a very special winter charm. This trend is particularly suitable for modern furnishings. Trend 3: Festive and noble decoration with a metallic look. As last year, accessories in silver, black, white, gold and grey are the order of the day. This combination is particularly elegant and is suitable for a modern apartment as well as for a rustically furnished apartment. Trend 4: Sensual atmosphere thanks to elements with strong colors. Tealights, Christmas ornaments and fabrics in red and purple tones are indispensable for this purpose. Combined with slightly more delicate elements in brown, silver and gold, you create an expressive winter decoration. A rustic interior with many wooden elements is particularly suitable for this color combination.

Choosing the right lighting in winter

Whatever colors you choose for your decoration, lighting should not be missing during the dark season. A sparkling candle, illuminated characters or festive outdoor lighting create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, harmonize perfectly with all styles of furnishings and embellish your home. If you love romance, lanterns are a great accessory for your home. The lanterns from the Etno series by Leonardo, for example, are a particularly trendy decorative element. The Etno motif is not only absolutely trendy in the fashion world this year, but also in the field of home accessories. But also the classic candleholders that highlight discreet lights. You can use them for example as table decoration or distribute them around the house to create a warm atmosphere. Large candleholders also look good on a dining table decorated for winter. If you want the winter to be even harsher, you can also use scented candles instead of the usual tealights. A hint of cinnamon, orange or gingerbread flows into your rooms and increases the anticipation of Christmas. In addition or as an alternative to candles, illuminated paper stars or an illuminated LED ball are real eye-catchers for winter decoration. However, the most popular lighting elements are still the fairy lights this year. Warm white LEDs are ideal for window decoration, but can also decorate a shelf or a frame. In addition to interior decoration, it is also interesting to decorate the exterior in winter, because a bright and beautifully decorated exterior creates a welcoming atmosphere. For this purpose, there are special lamps that you can fix on your door, balcony or front garden, for example.

Trendy fabrics and patterns in winter

Meals with family and friends are as much a part of winter as cozy hours on the couch. And for both, soft, wintery textiles shouldn't be missing. For example, you can decorate the table with a star motif table runner or a tablecloth with Christmas motifs. Placemats are also available in trendy colors and with beautiful motifs such as stars or snowflakes. Chairs and sofas can be equipped with comfortable decorative cushions. In addition to the comfort factor, the decorative cushions also look good. Stars, Norwegian patterns or candles - all these impressions evoke a winter atmosphere and have a very festive and homely effect. But plain patterns also give your home a very personal touch.

Christmas decoration 

From the first Advent to the end of Christmas, there is one thing you can do in terms of winter decoration: make it Christmas-worthy. In addition to proper lighting, wooden or silver figurines and classic designs are particularly popular. And the choice is huge: stars, sleighs, snowmen, Christmas trees and Santas are available in a wide range of sizes and can decorate window sills, tables, chests of drawers or shelves. In our online store you will find all these decorative elements in the most trendy colors. The advantage of Christmas decorations is that you can easily do a lot of things yourself. This way, you not only create your own individual decoration for your home, but you also have a pleasant occupation, which is also great fun for children. During a winter walk, you can collect all kinds of natural materials and distribute them around the house. You can also make an Advent wreath - either in the classic style with pine green or in the modern style with Christmas baubles, wood and candles. Another great do-it-yourself project is a winter forest. With artificial snow and small trees you can create a landscape according to your taste.
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