What are the essential items for a more comfortable and functional room ?

More and more, the bedroom ceases to be a room reserved only for sleeping and becomes a refuge, where one seeks a moment of peace and even leisure. In addition, with the growth of home-based jobs, it has become common for many people to use the place where they sleep as a work environment. With so many new functions for a part of the house that was previously thought to be reserved only for sleeping, it is now natural to complement it with other furniture and objects that can optimize the space, but without leaving it less comfortable. Whether you're planning a decor that has your face on it or making the room more functional, it's a good idea to arrange the environment by choosing the best place for the bed. It may seem obvious, but the dynamics of the room change completely depending on where the bed is located. Bedside tables, cabinets, chests of drawers, shelves and anything else you want or need will depend on this first step. In fact, the definition of colors and materials of furniture and objects also depends on the position of the bed. If you are planning to redecorate your room or if you are moving to a new home and you are going to start from scratch, check out the 10 essentials to make your corner a pleasant and useful space.

1. Headboard

Usually purchased separately from the bed, headboards can often be considered a whim or a simple decorative object, and thus remain out of many rooms. Contrary to this logic, by avoiding direct contact with the wall, this room increases the feeling of protection in the bed. In addition to the comfort factor, the headboard can also give personality to the room, which can be formed by fabric, a wooden plate or even Christmas garlands. Here's how to choose your headboard: - Style : The headboard is one of the first things you notice when entering a room; it gives character to the room. When choosing your headboard, choose materials and colors that will match and complement the room. If the room has a very feminine style, choose a headboard that reflects that style. - Usefulness : Before making your purchase, ask yourself why you are buying it: for decoration or for comfort ? A headboard that will serve as a support when you read a book or watch TV should be comfortable. If your purpose is simply decorative, all styles can go as long as it doesn't clash with the rest of the decoration. - Size : It is important that you consider the size of your room, the size and width of your bed before choosing a headboard.

2. Chairs or armchairs

For those who prefer to reserve their bed only for sleeping, a good idea is to have a comfortable pouffe or chair in the room, which can be used for reading, resting briefly or even receiving a visit. Chairs are welcome to accompany the tables, especially when studying and using computers. It is important that this furniture is easy to move around, making it easier to clean and organize the room. - Design : Just like the headboard, your choice of chairs or armchairs should match the style you have chosen for your room. - Utility : If the object of the chair is purely decorative, choose any style and color, as long as it is aesthetically pleasing to you. If, on the other hand, you know you're going to have a good time - to read, work or write - comfort should be your main objective. - Users : If you have young children, you will be more tempted by materials that are easily washable or that don't stain easily. If you have pets, choose materials that don't retain hair.

3. Table 

If space is not an issue and your room is an environment in which you spend a lot of time, a recommended investment is a versatile table that is large enough to meet your needs, and can be used as a desk and dressing table, for example. Although she says that this room is not only useful at bedtime, but also serves as a "refuge" in the home, it is essential that it be a comfortable and versatile environment. Having a bedside table or even two in a master bedroom is also a great idea. They add a decorative and eye-catching touch to the bed, and they are also very functional because they provide a surface on which you can put your reading glasses, books, phone and bedside lamp. Bedside tables don't have to be a table. They can be a stool, a box, a tree trunk or shelves that hang on the wall.

4. Hooks and/or hangers

After a whole day, entering the room and leaving the bag, shoes and clothes scattered on the floor is a relief, except that things don't organize themselves afterwards. To make this process easier, hangers can hold your belongings until you can store them in their original location or even be used to store your bags. Another tip is to use hooks on the walls to hang jewelry, scarves and belts, which also allows you to better visualize these items in everyday life.

5. Organize boxes

An essential element are the organization boxes, which can be used as a repository for any type of object and even decorative objects if they are coated or have a different design. The secret is to fit them into empty spaces, such as on cupboards or under the bed. It is not advantageous to use them just to hide the mess: it is important to identify them and keep them organized so that the stored objects remain accessible. To do this, it is worth using accessories such as CD holders, book holders, correctors, among others, all of which are affordable, easy to find and which work a miracle in organization, putting everything in its place.

6. Carpet

It may seem trivial, but a simple rug on the side of the bed can help make the room more comfortable. It helps to heat the room, especially when the room floor is cold, and makes waking up and putting your feet on the floor more pleasant than finding a cold surface. It protects your floor from scratches that furniture or shoe movement can cause, it helps show off your style, hides imperfections and stains, and dampens footsteps. To choose your carpet, follow these tips : - The size : In order to preserve the harmony which reigns in your room, your carpet must be chosen by taking into account the size of the bed and the space. - The material : The finer your carpet will be, the easier it will be to clean. Sisal is your best option especially if you have small children. If you have a pet that spends time in your room, simply avoid carpeting or materials such as silk or viscose. Wool and polypropylene are durable, easy to clean and maintain. If you tend to entertain friends in your room or eat and drink, these materials are perfect for you.

7. The wardrobe

After the bed, the wardrobe is the second most important element in a bedroom. There are many aspects to consider before choosing a wardrobe: - The design : If you like to keep everything tidy and hidden, choose a compact model in which you can store all your things. Prefer a model with a space with hangers and hooks, small shelves for the clothes you choose to fold and drawers for more personal items. - Door or cupboard : You can choose to close your wardrobe with a door - sliding or closing - or if you want to give the impression that your room is more spacious, opt for a mirror. 

8. Curtains

In addition to being a good decorative element, it can complement more thematic rooms or break the monochrome of more sober rooms, curtains are essential to block part of the entrance of direct light. Simone considers them indispensable for a more comfortable environment and still remembers that they can help preserve privacy, especially for those who live in a building and have window neighbors. Before buying curtains, here's what to consider : - The fabric : The choice of fabric depends on the light you want to let into the room and the style of the room. Cotton is easy to wash, lets light in easily, giving a cheerful and cheerful look to your space. Linen works the same way but is more likely to wrinkle while silk is the fabric that is most easily damaged after prolonged exposure to the sun. - Style : You have a wide choice of clear, colored or printed curtains. It should be noted that colored curtains are more susceptible to light and together with the prints, can add to the style of the room. However, the colors bring warmth and are recommended during cold seasons such as fall or winter.

9. Lighting fixtures or lampshades

For people who study or work in the room, good natural lighting can make all the difference in making their days more comfortable. In the absence of sunshine, or even for more intimate climates, the use of light fixtures is wise : warm and indirect lighting is also essential to insert warmth into the environment, ideal for those who love to read. Putting a lampshade on every bedside table or a floor lamp in a corner of the room already makes it possible to transform the space without great effort or architectural intervention. In addition to brightness, it is essential to pay attention to the colors you will see every day before going to sleep. Strong colors such as red, black, yellow and orange should be avoided when decorating rooms, as they are energizing colors that can cause agitation.

10. Good memories and inspirations

With the above elements provided, it is now a matter of giving the room a slightly more personal touch. To do this, we need to be surrounded by things that we love, that make us happy. And nothing cooler than those memories, objects that make us smile and bring back great memories. All kinds of objects are welcome for this purpose, whether it's photographs, a collection of travel souvenirs or the CDs of your favorite band. The secret is always to keep the environment organized and, if her inspirations involve a small accumulation of objects, Simone always suggests the alternative of using her collections as the focal point of the decoration, and can even host them on an exclusive shelf or library. Although these rooms are the most appropriate for professionals when composing a room, it is worth remembering that the entire environment can be adapted to your personal needs and tastes. The most important thing is to make yourself comfortable and try not to decorate the room too much, avoiding turning it into an environment full of visual, sound and energetic information that interferes with the quality of sleep.
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