6 tips for decorating your new home with antique furniture

Moving into a new house or apartment is usually an incredible opportunity, which raises great expectations, new projects and dreams. Some people, such as newlyweds, have the opportunity to start from scratch : buying furniture, choosing the decoration they have always wanted, etc. Many people also move in and take old furniture with them, which was already part of the other house. But, reusing these objects in the decoration is quite possible and can give a super special touch to the new space. Below you will find six decorating tips to embellish a new space (house or apartment) with old furniture, without it having the "same face" as the previous one :

1. Move them around

In the old house, the sofa was in the living room, the cupboard in the bedroom, the chairs in the hall. But why not organize them differently in the new house ? Perhaps your dresser will fit in the new room ; the old wardrobe will give a special charm to the hallway ; the dining room chairs can go in the guest room and an old mirror can stay in the hall of the new house. The antique furniture in a child's room, a charming asset.

2. Transforming the furniture

Some rooms, such as chests of drawers, sideboards and desks, can be changed, especially if they are made of wood. There is the possibility of painting, or simply sanding and varnishing, keeping the original characteristics, which we call vintage. But these are just a few ideas. The furniture can still be reformed: the top of an old table can be placed on new legs or vice versa. Shelves can, among other things, be fitted with doors or be transformed into sideboards. Signed and inlaid pieces should therefore be avoided. The most common transformation is to turn a chest of drawers or a table into a vanity top in the bathroom. Just treat the top of the piece of furniture for a better resistance to water splashes. Another interesting alternative is to install an antique chest of drawers in an immaculate bathroom, to store terrycloth and freshly ironed sheets. The antique accessories, mirrors and glass bottles, are displayed on the top of the chest of drawers, as if to remind visitors of the refinement of the inhabitants of the house. This fun exercise requires choosing current models that are neither too old nor too precious.

3. New colors and impressions

Another tip from the interior designer is to change the appearance of armchairs, sofas and chairs. They can be given a new print or a new color, which completely changes the look and allows you to vary the style of the house. The most complicated to integrate in our current interiors are the older pieces of a certain size, such as cabinets, or the more rustic ones. You can paint them by letting the wood grain show through. This will allow you to give your furniture a new look, and to have a satisfying activity for a weekend. Preferably choose pastel shades, or conversely black, which can also adopt a lacquered finish for the more sophisticated ones. You can also restyle your furniture in a Gustavian style. The furniture is patinated in very light colors, all declinations of white, beige and light gray. The fabrics are treated in the same tones, in a soft and refined monochrome.

4. Betting on wallpapers

The old room, after having received a new face, can become more important in the environment, when combined with a beautiful wallpaper. These papers can be easily applied in bedrooms, living rooms and hallways. Antique furniture is especially enhanced by dark shades, brown, grey, black and why not navy or, conversely, by very bright colors.

5. Renovation of some furniture

But if you are really fed up with some of the furniture from the previous house, the advice is to "exchange" it for a new one. Many antique dealers are interested in buying this type of product and, with a little extra money, you can bet on new furniture. The union of the new furniture with that of the previous house will create a totally different space, ideal for this new phase of life. Another tip that has become really fashionable is to cover antique armchairs and sofas with current fabrics. Try many fabrics on the seat to get a bolder look. 

6. Invest in lighting

You want to give a special touch to your new dining room, but you want to keep the same table ? One idea is to invest in a new chandelier, which is right above it, or simply in a different type of lighting. The ambiance will be perfect and super different to entertain old friends in the new house. But these are just a few ideas on how to decorate the new house with old furniture. The possibilities are endless... The advice is: choose the style you prefer : vintage, retro, modern, contemporary, clean, etc. And from there, put your creativity into action ! Don't be afraid to dare on the covering and give a new face to the space by reusing old furniture. For the makeover of a room or the interior of your home, don't hesitate to get in touch with antique stores.
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