A few tips to help you choose the right bedside lamp

One cannot say that the light in a bedroom is complete if, in addition to the general light in the room, there is no particular light fixture on the bedside table. The classic lampshade is essential to make light in the room without hitting the furniture when you wake up in the middle of the night. Of course, it is also possible to place a switch for general lighting next to the bed, but the low light of the bedside table prevents waking up those who sleep with us. This lamp is also useful for those who like to read in bed and also to create a more relaxing atmosphere in the room. Attention: this is a bedside lamp, but it is not necessary to have a bedside table ! In fact, there are beds with specially equipped headboards to replace it, but you won't have to give up a soft light next to the bed.

What a bedside lamp looks like

Usually a standing lamp is placed on the bedside table (the traditional lampshade also exists in a modern version), but it is also possible to install a small wall light. This leaves more space on the bedside table for your cell phone, a book, glasses and a few other objects. There are many possible variations : the lampshade, made of fabric or glass, can take many different shapes, while the pedestal is usually made of metal or wood, depending also on the style of the furniture. Such a lamp usually has an atmospheric and non-directional light, a connector, the switch on the cable or the base. If, on the other hand, the lamp is used for reading in bed, it must be equipped with a swivel arm that must be directed towards the pages of the book. The more technological versions of bedside lamps may also include other accessories, such as a USB port for charging your cell phone. There are even lamps equipped with a touch function for switching on, which puts an end to the effort of fumbling for the touch switch at night! The same feature also includes a dimmer switch, which allows you to adjust the light intensity.

A trendy solution : the pendant lamp

Until a few years ago, this was a very unusual solution, but today, placing hanging lamps on bedside tables has become a very trendy choice. Of course, making such a choice requires a well-planned design of the room. The suspensions must be placed exactly above the bedside tables, so that the necessary connections to the ceiling must be provided, and the position of the bed cannot be changed.

What shade of light to choose for the bedside table ?

Blue light (but cold light in general) has a negative effect on the quality of sleep. That is why, next to the bed, it is best to completely exclude the choice of blue light and prefer warmer shades, from 2,700 to 3,300 Kelvin maximum. Yellow light, the so-called warm light, actually has a more relaxing effect than cold light and is therefore preferable in the bedroom.

And what type of bulb would you prefer ?

Today, almost all manufacturers are moving towards a preference for LEDs. Of course, a bedside lamp is not a device that will be used for a long time, but you may fall asleep if you forget that the light is on, so an eye on energy savings is not a problem. Therefore, LEDs are definitely to be preferred, as they are able to guarantee good lighting quality with lower power consumption than other bulbs.
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