Advantages of solid wood furniture

Solid wood furniture consists of solid wood pieces, i.e. pieces resulting from machining operations on wood coming directly from the sawing of the tree. These pieces are assembled together in structure, frame or panels. Today, it is now obvious that solid wood furniture can do a lot in the modern trend. Indeed, the question is what are the advantages of solid wood furniture?

The solid wood furniture in comparison to other solid wood furniture

First of all, solid wood furniture are not cheap. Of course, not everyone has the necessary changes at hand. But the investment in solid wood pays for itself quickly. Because when a cheap veneered piece of furniture or chipboard sooner or later becomes a problem child, a solid and stable piece of wooden furniture survives almost any crisis and is therefore a real legacy. After all, the trees from which they came also had to be able to cope with a wide variety of weather conditions. In addition, because the trees had to resist environmental influences, this solid wood has antibacterial properties. Thus, if germs become established in solid wood furniture, they die quickly because they cannot get wet. By the way, you can also use this practical effect in the kitchen by using wooden cutting boards instead of plastic. 

Solid wood furniture and the trend

Solid wood furniture even has an effect on humidity. Especially in the case of untreated wooden surfaces, moisture is constantly being absorbed and released again. It is hard to deny that wooden furniture gives every room a certain tranquility. A little piece of forest between our four walls can make us feel more comfortable at home. Especially in urban living spaces, where we are confronted daily with linear designs made of glass and concrete, wooden furniture can bring a piece of nature into our own home. Depending on the type of wood, the furniture can give off a unique scent. For example, a solid wood bed made of Swiss pine contains oils and resins that create a special aroma in the bedroom. However, the smell can only escape if the surface of the furniture is not treated. The individual pieces of solid wood furniture are usually treated in one of the following ways: no surface treatment, only a few kinds of wood can remain untreated, but Swiss pine in particular is often not oiled, varnished or treated in any other way; only untreated surfaces allow the aroma of Swiss pine to escape; treating the surface with oil : Classical types of wood for solid wood furniture construction such as oak or chestnut tend to splinter when the surface is untreated and are therefore usually treated with oil; Surface treatment with varnish and/or paint: This type of treatment can make the surface of the solid wood furniture smoother and more colorful, but it also means that it is completely sealed. Lacquers and paints seal the wood so that positive properties such as air regulation and antibacterial effect are lost.

The durability of solid wood furniture

One of the reasons for the growing popularity of solid wood furniture is also its environmental record. Solid wood furniture is, in many respects, much more durable than their cheaper counterparts made of cheap particleboard or veneer. The appearance and style of durability is partly the result of the durability of natural furniture. With the right care, a piece of solid wood furniture can sometimes last several generations. On the other hand, durability also applies to the production conditions, because wood is a renewable raw material. Domestic wood is only ever processed to the extent that it can grow back. This is one of the reasons why you should give them preference and avoid tropical woods such as teak.

The special feature of solid wood furniture

Trends in life or not, in the end your own home is a retreat that is always individually equipped. Ikea classics like Billy are cult, but other than that, probably very few of us want mass-produced products at home. Solid wood furniture fits perfectly in the collection of individualization, because no piece of furniture is identical to another thanks to the natural material. The probability of two trees looking identical in terms of grain and knots is zero. Therefore, each piece of solid wood furniture has its own character. Of course, the choice of a large piece of solid wood furniture will always come as a small surprise, because you cannot explicitly choose the pattern in the wood. Moreover, the individual character of a piece of solid wood furniture also includes the fact that each type of wood darkens over time. So, if you have fallen in love with a particular shade of brown, you should be prepared for the fact that the wood may look a little darker in a few years.

Caring for Solid Wood Furniture

Solid wood furniture behaves like all quality products - the better you maintain it, the longer it lasts. Because no matter how durable solid wood is, it needs a little attention from time to time. The proper care of solid wood furniture always depends on whether the wood is pre-treated or left in its natural state. Protect the solid wood furniture, such as cupboards, shelves or other furniture, from heat and water, do not put hot cups of tea directly on the wooden table. If possible, clean the wood dry, alternatively with a slightly damp cloth. Compensate for dents and scratches caused by steam by placing a damp cloth on the area in question and using a moderately hot iron to iron briefly and precisely on the area. The steam penetrates the wood and causes it to swell, so that the dent disappears. Do not use wood care products, as some of them contain very aggressive substances that can attack the wood. Refresh the seal with a high-quality hard oil about every six months. Place the solid wood furniture in a well-lit place, i.e.: not in direct sunlight and not partly in light, partly in shade. This means that the wood darkens evenly and does not dry out.
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