Baroque style furniture : ideas and advice

Deciding to opt for baroque style furniture for your home is certainly not an easy choice, it requires a great sense of aesthetics. Let's see together in this guide how to furnish in baroque style, taking care of the elegance of your home, with some tips to save money and choose the best professionals.

Baroque style : meaning and origins

The baroque style of furnishing is close to nobility and luxury. In fact, it recalls the houses of kings and queens, such as the villa of Versailles or the royal palace of Caserta. Furnishing in the baroque style means opting for brass, crystals, decorations and scribbles, but without exaggerating and without falling into sordidness. The secret is to combine larger pieces of furniture with sober furnishings, creating an excellent game of balance. Baroque was born at the end of the Renaissance in Italy, proposing new elements of architecture that also influenced the art of furniture, furnishings and interior design. Structures and forms were gradually enriched and then became an integral part of the furniture. Over the years, the various ornamental motifs became more and more visible in chairs, cabinets and tables. Baroque furniture and decorations are still characterized by curved and sinuous lines and the use of precious materials such as stones or gilding. Cabinetmakers soon began to combine the technique of engraving and carving with that of veneer to create furniture. One of the reasons for the advent of baroque furniture was the embellishment of royal and princely courts that needed furniture that could decorate large rooms by creating a pleasant environment. Gold is very present in this style. The baroque furniture spread to all Italian regions and then arrived in France where it developed with its own forms, like the Louis XIV style which dominated all the others and spread throughout Europe except Spain.

Furniture in baroque style

Furnishing in baroque style means preferring elegance and refinement, being careful not to exaggerate with decorations and gilding. People who love this style have a brave and very strong personality, fascinated by furniture that is not afraid to express itself and is characterized by well-connoted and impressive furniture choices. Unusual combinations are also part of the baroque style, such as the combination of eccentric furniture and unusual details. However, baroque furniture should always be approached with neutral pieces and modern lines.

Baroque-style house : the essentials

Baroque-style furniture has a strong visual impact and is therefore often combined with elements that manage to balance this dominant character. The advice is to get the help of an interior designer, a professional who can give the best advice and guidance. Typical furnishing elements are, for example, inlaid or gilded wooden sofas, velvet sofas, side by side with minimal tables. Or decorated tables surrounded by neutral chairs with very clean lines. Velvets and gold inlays are typical of baroque style furniture, sometimes one chooses to reserve only a few corners of the house for this type of furniture. Often spaces are cut out in the living room or bedroom, with a dressing table or velvet armchairs, or by adding inlaid tables and large gilded brass mirrors. There are certain elements that must be carefully chosen to furnish a house in the baroque style, such as a particular chandelier, or an eccentric armchair, or even a large, highly decorated mirror. Combining them very skillfully with minimal and modern elements, gives the retro, modern and futuristic effect at the same time. Baroque style houses generally tend to be a little dark, due to the use of dark colors. It is therefore advisable to add brightness by adding flashes of yellow or orange or even a beautiful bright and energetic green. Otherwise, it is good to focus on neutral colors such as white, gray, turtledove and mud, this can help to soften exaggerated baroque tones.

Renovation in the baroque style : who to turn to ?

If you want to renovate your home in the baroque style, as you will have understood, it is not a simple thing. It is necessary to have good taste and to know in detail the type of combinations to be made in order to soften the refined and elegant, sometimes even pompous, tone of this type of design, and to know how to choose wisely certain minimal and modern elements. For this reason, it is always advisable to consult an expert in the field, so as not to make mistakes and not to create dark or overly decorated corners. The best choice is to contact an experienced interior designer, the professional will analyze your house, listen to your needs and try to furnish your home in a baroque style, satisfying your tastes and preferences. Anyone who wants to renovate and furnish their home in a baroque style should know that the furnishing accessories chosen are certainly not among the cheapest on the market. Furthermore, it is best to seek the advice of an interior designer to avoid clumsiness and stylistic errors. For this reason, costs are not really under control. The best way to save money is to look for professionals working in your area and ask for quotes. Only by comparing them will you be able to choose the one with the best quality/price ratio and save money.
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