What do you need to furnish your children’s room ?

A child brings about many changes that are reflected in all aspects of your life: you have more responsibilities, your daily routine varies a lot and even the environments in which you live undergo major changes. Every child needs attention and care, but most of all, they need their own space. That's why it's important to furnish your children's room by creating an environment that is adapted to their needs, safe, comfortable and welcoming. To achieve all this, you must start with the place where the first stages of growth will take place, or rather the room in which, voluntarily or not, you will spend the most time.

The bedroom

In this phase it is necessary to take care of every little detail, from the colors to the furniture, not forgetting the accessories to be placed inside the room. The layout of your child's room requires a totally different approach than the rest of the house. There are three fundamental points to consider here: comfort, creativity and colors. These elements will make the little ones' environment really perfect, but it is also necessary to take into account everything concerning safety and cleanliness, other important steps to guarantee a healthy environment in which to grow and have fun. It is therefore important to reveal here some tips on how to decorate your children's room so that it is functional but at the same time fun. How to decorate your children's room There are a few tips for decorating your children's room by choosing the right solutions and highlighting some essential aspects that will transform a simple room into a dream room.

The choice of the color of the walls of the room

It must be well thought out, because colors that are too bright or, on the contrary, too dull can considerably affect the character of the children. In the past, to make no mistake, many people used to paint the room in white or, at most, in cream, or pink or blue depending on whether it was a girl or a boy. Nowadays, many parents choose colors according to shades that perfectly match the furniture they have chosen, but here, one must be careful because each color has its precise meaning. For example, the color lilac inspires tranquility and is ideal for the most reflective characters. Green is par excellence the color of woods, nature and balance, it conveys exactly the feeling of tranquility and peace typical of green meadows. It is an ideal color to relax and soothe the soul, so to say the least, it is perfect for the bedroom. It is also possible to reproduce nature itself on the walls, decorating them like a forest, so that children will always feel as if they are in the middle of nature. In addition to green, blue is also very suitable for bedrooms. It transmits sensations of relaxation and tranquility just like the sky and the sea, it brings effects of peace, harmony and serenity, ideal characteristics for children's bedrooms. There are also shades that transmit energy and stimulate creativity, such as yellow, which promotes a sense of freedom. Attention, it is not advisable to paint the walls in this color, but simply we suggest you to insert some small details, which will bring a lot of harmony. I must have for a bedroom with the latest technology.

Different types of furniture

It starts with furniture that is essential for a newborn's room, such as a bandage or crib, and then moves on to furniture and other equipment that will last over time and accompany your children's growth. Before making any type of investment, it is therefore important to stop and think about how much money you want to use and especially which category of furniture you want to focus on.


They will accompany children for many years, choosing a desk with adjustable height is an idea to consider, as it can be used even when you reach adolescence. Dolls and cars will be indispensable in the rooms of the youngest ones, but one thing that unites boys and girls is certainly to have a fairy tale bed. Whether it is princely, with a slide or in the shape of an airplane, here imagination is not in order.

The choice of the wardrobe

It depends mainly on the available space. If you have a large room, it is best to choose a large wardrobe that will be used in the years to come, otherwise you can always opt for smaller solutions that will be replaced as needed. A child needs to be aware of the limits of spaces and how they are organized. By separating the "play" area, i.e. the space for playing and having fun, from the study area, you will greatly increase their functionality. If the children are no longer so small, variations will have to be made according to new tastes and needs, for example by separating the sleeping area from the study area, which will be possible by adding colorful storage shelves in which books and notebooks will be stored and which will also serve as a cabin.

As far as style is concerned

The children will have the power but you can still influence the placement of the furniture they have chosen. Keeping order in your children's room is really an impossible task. Now that you have the ideal furniture and colors for the room in mind, it's time to figure out how to make it comfortable and functional both for the daily routine and in case you need to accommodate young guests. Indispensable for an afternoon with friends are certainly the toys, better if you can find lots of them in the room, and the space is big enough to play. It will be really difficult to convince them not to play on the floor: a very good idea is to equip the room with a nice colored carpet, better if it is wide and above all easy to wash. For the organization of the toys, there are several options that will be useful to tidy up, but also to occupy as little space as possible on the floor. 

Colored storage shelves

They are original and functional. A very versatile decorative element that saves space and can be used to store toys and various objects. Books can be placed on foldable shelves, so that they take up very little space if they are not needed. When you need space and want to do it in style, the ideal complement to toy storage is the storage box that can be filled with the most varied objects, from games to books to clothes, overcoming the problem of clutter. The storage boxes are available in different sizes and colors. They will contribute to give a touch of cheerfulness to the little ones' room. Designing your child's room can be a real challenge. The important thing is to keep the environment clean by inserting the right accessories inside the room to help organize toys, books and objects essential for recreational and educational activities and to design the environment in a functional way and according to everyone's needs. It's not just a room to furnish, but an environment in which they will grow up and spend most of their time. These are just a few of the many suggestions you can use to furnish your children's room. The solutions available are endless, and you can find more ideas in the e-book "how to best organize every room in your home". Useful tips: discover how to create an environment that is serene and harmonious, but also in keeping with your personality.
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