Bathroom furniture : the indispensable mirror

Designing a bathroom means taking care of the smallest detail, because it is precisely the details that make the difference in terms of an end result that is pleasing to the eye and meets the standards of functionality. With this in mind, don't neglect the choice of the right mirror, a true ally of feminine beauty. "Civilization began with the invention of the mirror" - this is what Shimon Peres said in one of his speeches. Admittedly, you are really spoiled by the choice. With this article, the aim is to offer you useful advice on choosing the mirror model that best suits your needs, possibly functional and inexpensive.

The flagship accessory for the bathroom

The mirror is therefore a dominant element of human life. It can be found in churches, public offices and those open to the public, in bars, restaurants, schools, stores, houses and, last but not least, in the bathroom. It is the highlight of any type of bathroom furniture and, more generally, of any home. There are different types of mirrors on the market. The choice is vast and ranges from: container mirrors, with frame or filigreed or, again, with wall lights or magnifying effect.

What size should it be ?

There are no precise rules to follow when choosing the ideal mirror for your bathroom. As far as size is concerned, there are however a few small steps to follow to avoid the bad effects of the disproportion of the bathroom mirror. Be very careful if the mirror, for example, is to be installed above a sink. In this case, the respect of proportions is of utmost importance! First of all, remember that the mirror should never be longer than the sink; at most, choose the same length. Another correct option is to prefer a mirror the same length as the mirror cabinet or, at the very least, slightly smaller (but don't exaggerate !). There are fewer constraints on the height of the mirror. In this case, you may feel much freer to dare, depending on how much space you have in the bathroom. According to statistics, you can tell yourself that a higher mirror certainly provides a better view, also increasing the feeling of depth of the whole environment. In addition, if you have a double sink in your bathroom, you may also decide to buy two small separate mirrors, one for each bathtub. In short, in order to choose the bathroom mirror that best suits your needs, you have to consider various aspects, but always with functionality in mind, as well as aesthetics.

With frame or without frame ?

For your comfort, bathroom mirrors can be divided into two main categories: traditional, with frame and mirrors, and frameless, frameless. The choice of one model over the other depends very much on the final result you wish to obtain. It is suggested that you buy a framed mirror, if you have a traditional style bathroom and you don't want to risk hurting your eyes. If, on the other hand, you have a bathroom with contemporary and dynamic furniture, you can count on a beautiful frameless and filigree mirror that will give you a clean and minimalist look. Please also note that if you have chosen a mirror without LED lighting and then change your mind, you should know that there are universal LED lamps on the market that fit perfectly and that you will find them at a good price.

Cleaning Tips

It is easy to understand now how to get the best cleaning of a mirror. There are a few little tips you can apply to obtain halo-free reflective surfaces.  - Use a little white vinegar and a soft cloth to remove, for example, any toothpaste residue; - Try cleaning the edges of your bathroom mirror with a cotton swab or, failing that, with an old toothbrush ; - Effectively remove the limescale from the mirror with lemon juice or even vinegar, but white wine ; - Put these little tips into practice and say goodbye to stains !
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