Bathroom sink : how to choose the right one ?

The bathroom is an environment in the home where the furniture is often neglected, but where comfort and relaxation are sought after. Whether it is large or only a few square meters, it is one of the domestic spaces in which you can take a regenerating break from your daily routine, moments to take care of yourself, pamper yourself. To stay on the subject of bathroom furniture, follow in this article the different types of sinks on the market. For the sake of convenience, the different types are described, in order to provide some clarity as well. In short, the classification could be as follows: pedestal washbasin, half-foot washbasin, suspended washbasin (with or without legs), semi-recessed washbasin; top and bottom recessed washbasin; top-mounted washbasin and, finally, pedestal washbasin. Among the materials to choose for your washbasin, the most popular are: ceramic, acrylic, mineral marble, natural stone and artificial stone. As for shapes, they range from square to rectangular, from oval to what is known as a sink.

Hanging basins : design and practicality

A valid alternative to the pedestal washbasin is the suspended washbasin, which can be with or without a half-pillar. Here is a sketch of the advantages and disadvantages of the suspended sink. The suspended washbasin is anchored to the wall, but it is raised from the floor, which makes it easier to clean. Moreover, in the semi-pedestal version, the pipes remain hidden. All in all, it pleads for greater practicality. Other good reasons for choosing a wall-mounted washbasin are that it fits perfectly with the style of the sanitary ware and is generally cheaper. On the other hand, there will be little room for support and no space for containment. In terms of design, however, the shapes are fairly standardized (square, rectangular, oval). A countertop sink is the most appropriate choice if you want a state-of-the-art design. Over the years, this type of product has become more and more popular, recording a real boom in sales. The reason for the success of the countertop washbasin is undoubtedly its undeniable elegance, which makes it particularly suitable for modern bathroom furnishings.

Countertop washbasin : timeless elegance

Most countertop sinks are made of fine ceramic, stone, slate or alabaster. Precious materials which, combined with an essential but refined design, make this model more of a sculpture than a simple sink. But how do you install such a sink? The answer is simple, it can be fixed on a wall unit or on a lacquered solid wood shelf to create a wonderful suspended structure. You can also choose the top of a practical piece of furniture as a support base, perhaps with doors and drawers. In short, choosing a countertop sink means saying goodbye to the old traditional sink model, certainly less beautiful to look at.

The built-in washbasin : the right compromise between minimalist design and practicality

Now here is another type of sink, called a built-in one. The choice of this product is particularly suitable for those with a classical taste, even though today there are many bathroom furniture of modern design with an already integrated washbasin. But what happens if you decide to build a masonry bathroom? Is it possible, in this case, to opt for an integrated sink? Yes, of course it is. The owner of the property will, however, be able to buy the sink he wants, which will then have to be cashed in, i.e. integrated, in the construction carried out. In order to choose a built-in washbasin, it is necessary to know the dimensions of the cabinet in which it is to be inserted, as well as the space in which the cabinet is to be placed. All this will help to avoid making a wrong purchase. With a built-in washbasin, you will appreciate the right compromise between minimalist design and practicality.

Pedestal washbasins

You want a refined design for your bathroom and you don't know which type of sink to choose? Simple, oriented towards the purchase of a pedestal washbasin, a real furnishing element. This model, which is a valuable space-saving solution, is particularly suitable for bathrooms of a few square meters or for guests. All this without giving up the specific needs of refinement and elegance. For this type of washbasin there are two versions on the market: one with floor drain and one with wall drain. In fact, the pedestal washbasin can be placed on the wall and, in this case, it will work like the other washbasins; if you leave it loose, however, the drain must be on the floor, while the taps can be on the floor or on the ceiling. Pedestal washbasins are a bit "the evolution of the classic pedestal washbasin". This type of washbasin is also made of different materials. You can choose between ceramic, crystal, mineral bellows, resin and marble resin, marble and stone.
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