Succeeding in the installation of a small bathroom

Some houses have a small bathroom. This is particularly the case for large houses built a few decades ago. If you decide to renovate your bathroom and are hesitating between keeping it or removing it to better distribute the space, here are some ideas to consider for a better layout.

Perception of space : our best ally

While it is impossible to deceive physics and change the volumes of a very small bathroom, visual perception can be deceived by making the bathroom appear larger and more airy to the observer's eye. In this way, you will avoid the claustrophobic effect you often feel in small bathrooms, with that feeling of discomfort and urgency to get out. Who among us has never experienced this in the showers and bathrooms present in public places which, by necessity, have very limited dimensions ? So there are a few tricks to keep in mind to give a small bathroom the maximum functionality combined with elegance and lightness. First of all, it can be a good idea to hang your washbasin, your WC and your various bathroom furniture by fixing them to the wall. In this way, the volumes appear smaller, while ensuring the full functionality of the bathroom. Here too, perception comes into play : the more visible the floor is, the bigger the bathroom will appear. A practical idea to make the most of the space is, moreover, to use a sliding door: this will eliminate the clutter of the door and it will be very easy to get in and out of the bathroom.

Coatings : broaden the perspective

To optimize the layout of your small bathroom, it is also a good idea to use perception in the choice of your floor coverings as well as your walls. The ideal is to use large, rectangular tiles that broaden the perspective, giving the room more breath and breadth. You can use the same for floors and walls. With the possible exception of your suspended toilet, to which you can add a touch of creativity with floral or majolica tiles. You can also prevent the tiles from reaching the ceiling : limiting the tiles to a certain height and then using a good water-repellent paint will help give the bathroom liveliness and movement. Where space permits, the shower in a small bathroom should be well designed. In particular, so as not to close off the volumes and not to weigh down the body of the bathroom. In this case, it is absolutely possible to envisage a shower on the same level with a sliding closure in transparent glass, which will give the impression that the volumes of the room are perfectly balanced.

What colors should I choose for a small bathroom ?

The choice of colors for floors, wall coverings or paints is fundamental to give your small bathroom the best possible visual effect. As you know, there are colors that visually "enlarge" the environment and others that "shrink" it. In this case, given the small size of the bathroom, it is necessary to choose colors that enlarge the room. The ideal is to aim for "cool colors". In practice, it is the colors that relax those who observe them. By using cool colors for floors and walls, in fact, the room will look bigger than it actually is.  Finally, remember that in addition to colors, you must choose the appropriate lighting. It is important to make the most of the furniture and small volumes of the bathroom, highlighting its essential and functional lines.
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