How to decorate the bathroom of a vacation home ?

The vacation home is usually furnished in a different way than the winter house, i.e. it is furnished in a way that emphasizes practicality and allows you to relax fully, leaving the stress of everyday life behind. Even for the bathroom, therefore, the furniture must be functional and practical, especially considering that during the summer period, the number of daily showers increases, after the sea, after sports activities, or before going out in the evening.

Basic furniture and accessories

The bathroom in vacation homes is small, so the furniture should aim at the essentials. In addition to ceramics, there are also handy hooks for hanging towels, which can be fixed behind the door to save space. In addition, it is important that there is a basket to collect clothes and laundry. In general, if the bathroom is small or blind, the washing machine in summer houses is present in the outside areas and not in the bathroom. However the practicality suggests to put the laundry basket always in the bathroom. For accessories, it depends very much on the size, but certainly can not miss :
  • A mirror;
  • A soap dispenser for the different ceramics;
  • A glass for dental hygiene products;
  • Some colored and scented candles or other decorative elements;

The shower cubicle

If the bathroom is small, there won't be much room for a classic bathtub. Moreover, in the summer, it would probably be little used because the shower is more practical, quick and refreshing. So, as far as the shower is concerned, if the apartment is underused, you can opt for a classic shower with a raised shower tray and a curtain. However, if it is a house that receives a lot of vacationers, it may be convenient to opt for a shower stall. In addition, you can create the feeling of more space by using, instead of a mirror cabinet above the sink, a large mirror to be fixed to the wall and by opting for a single piece of furniture for towels and accessories to be placed in a corner of the room.

Decoration for a bright bathroom

Usually, vacation homes have very sunny exposures, but even when there is no direct sun, summer light provides strong illumination. However, it is important that the rooms, especially the bathroom, are well lit even in the evening. That is why it is essential that the bathroom walls are painted with bright, vivid colors. White is the color par excellence, but you can also choose pastel and fashionable colors, according to taste, such as wisteria or lilac. On the other hand, you can also opt for darker colors, but only if natural lighting during the day and artificial lighting at night are strong. Of course, in this case, you need to be able to work on the contrasts between the darker colors of the walls and the light colors of the furniture and accessories.

Different types of bathroom lamps

As for artificial lighting, you can choose different ways to illuminate the bathroom by LED lights in false ceilings or also spotlights on walls, etc. The choice again depends on the size of the room and the style you want to use. Modern LED lamps certainly offer a very convenient lighting mode and, most importantly, they can choose from a wide range of lighting modes, from false ceilings to more traditional lamps. It is important to emphasize that the use of floor lamps in the bathroom should be accompanied by special attention. It is best to avoid placing floor lamps close to the shower cubicle and prefer a position away from taps and possible splashes. In addition, never forget to light the mirror. This is not only because of a practical problem related to the need to look better when doing one's hair, make-up or shaving, but also because the light reflected in the mirror improves the lighting of the whole room. A very special choice is to create a bathroom in total white, i.e. with white walls and ceramics, to be colored only and exclusively through the accessories, which can be chosen in bright monochrome tones (thus creating a pair of white-blue, white-orange, white-fire red, etc.). This choice makes the bathroom a joyful room and, by choosing warm colors above all, creates a very summery style.
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