How to make a successful carnival decoration ?

Tired of decorating banners and putting Smarties on the table at Mardi Gras ? Then get inspired by our DIY ideas for your perfect carnival decoration ! No doubt about it, kids love colors ! But apart from gummy bears and party hats, there are also great carnival decorations that will give the little ones a lot of fun ! These four ideas are not only great to make yourself, but can even be designed by the children themselves for a birthday party or a halloween party.

The four best ideas for the children's table

  1. Cow, lion and mouse: funny paper plate masks for a decoration in its own right !
You need : For the funny animal masks, you first need to cut out space for the children's eyes from the paper plates. Then you can paint different animals on the plates as you wish. The ears can be glued with colored cardboard. All you have to do is attach the rubber band to the plates - and the carnival decoration for playing is perfect !
  1. Homemade tablecloth : cool watercolor monsters !
You need : A white paper tablecloth, which children are allowed to paint with watercolor, is a great way to avoid boredom at the table. It's best to mix a portion of watercolor in a plastic bowl for each child (a painter's coat is an advantage here!). The little ones can now throw the paint on the blanket with a large brush as they wish and decorate the dried paint monsters by waving their eyes! Then the colorful table can be set up and we can eat on it !
  1. Super cute for the window : muffin tins - garland !
In no time at all, you can decorate a bare wall with interesting accessories like a muffin garland. Simply use as many muffin tins as possible, either multicolored or patterned, in which you make a hole at the bottom. Now put the muffin moulds on and hang them on the window - your beautiful child-friendly carnival decoration is ready to be made !
  1. An absolute highlight : your home-made photo booth !
You need : This great idea is an original carnival decoration and at the same time a highlight at every carnival party with children and also adults. Because with a little patience and love, you can create your own photo box! You will have to cut out 50 cardboard circles of different sizes in the colors of your choice. With a needle and nylon thread, you can now connect ten to fifteen circles each to form garlands. Find an empty wall in your apartment where you can hang the circles. Use the colored cardboard to make photo accessories, which you can then glue onto shish kebab skewers so that guests can hold them in front of their faces when the photos are taken. The possibilities of subjects are endless here : From the classic black and white background with glasses, hats and kissing mouths as accessories to the blue and green background with goggles, snorkelling and fishing, there are no limits to your imagination for this carnival decoration !

Carnival decoration for adults

Are you organizing a carnival party for your friends ? Then clown noses, confetti and cardboard hats are not really appropriate. You can turn a beautiful table into an impressive backdrop for your festive dinner party with a harmonious color palette, elegant homemade accessories, a few clever masks and the right light! For your big table you need :
  1. The colors
Simple colors - even as a carnival decoration - are often more attractive than dull base colors. Because with red, yellow and blue, your guests will quickly feel like they are at a child's birthday party. But if you choose a white tablecloth and a black or gray table runner in the middle of the table, you have a good, harmonious basis for all kinds of accessories !
  1. Accessories
Tassels are ideal as a carnival party decoration for adults. All you need are white napkins that you fold in an accordion shape, tie in the middle and detach the different layers. To make a real impression, you need lots of pompoms on the table or as a carnival decoration hanging from the ceiling. This look can be combined with a garland of folded cake doilies. With the indirect light of silver or white candlesticks, your carnival decoration will be perfect! A large bowl with a red strawberry punch in the middle of the table is a welcome splash of color that makes a good impression and underlines your carnival decoration.
  1. Games
Board games have - according to the clientele - a rather bland aftertaste at an adult party. But if you put a simple white mask on the plate for each guest, you might end up with an exciting, even funny game of your own!
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