Ideas to furnish and renovate your home in Japanese style

The Japanese style represents an alternative to the classical Western approach. It is an atypical way of furnishing a house, at the antipodes of the European standard. However, it can bring advantages that go far beyond the aesthetic sphere. Here is an overview of the Japanese style, focusing on its basic principles, the furnishing elements that make it up.

Japanese Style : Meaning and Origins

Japanese style does not mean the current Japanese style. Also because modern Japanese houses are usually exclusively functional premises, which do not express a relevant artistic value. A style radically different from the old Japanese style, which, on the other hand, deserves the attention of design lovers. Japanese style decoration is very different from the Western style, which among its many peculiarities has that it is still very widespread (not so much in cities as in suburbs). Thus, when it comes to Japanese style, it does not refer to an abstract and naive approach, a reworking of the past, but to a lively and concrete style. This is not a minor detail, if you consider that the Japanese style has been identical to itself (or almost) for centuries.

Why renovate in the Japanese style ?

There are many reasons to renovate, to furnish a house, to adopt Japanese style decoration, all of which are valid even for those who are not fond of oriental cultures. Japanese-style furniture: the essentials As you can easily guess, the Japanese approach is very different from the Western approach. It is therefore good to give a good account of the elements that characterize it. Simplicity: Japanese style makes simplicity a workhorse, a source of pride and also a tool to express a high ideal of beauty. Simplicity comes not only in the absence of knick-knacks (if not strictly functional) and in the presence of wall cabinets, but also in a certain sobriety of lines and shapes. Exterior management: this is the most difficult part. The Japanese style focuses on the exterior, and it does so by elevating the concept of the garden to a level of aesthetic purity that the Western model cannot achieve. To recreate the classic Japanese garden, skills and economic resources are needed, especially from the maintenance point of view. Moreover, Japanese style gardeners are quite rare.

Japanese style house : who to turn to ?

Certainly, you can also act in person, by getting information in specialized magazines, on the internet, etc. This way, however, you will only get an imitation of the Japanese style. To furnish your house in the purest Japanese style, you have no other choice but to turn to an interior designer who is an expert in Japanese culture. Only such professionalism can provide solutions that combine practicality, artistic sense and fidelity to Japanese principles. For masonry work, which is necessary for the creation of open spaces, you can instead turn to any specialized construction company. In addition, to transform your garden into a perfect Japanese garden, you should contact an experienced Japanese-style gardening company (which is certainly not easy).

Furnishing and renovating Japanese style : how to save money ?

Even if the costs, apart from the masonry work, are not prohibitive, they are still significant. Therefore, the need to save money can be felt very strongly. To do so, one only has to follow the "classic" method, which focuses on the instrument of estimation. Contact other professionals or companies, always ask for an estimate and compare the different cost assumptions. Finally, find the solution that suits you best in terms of price-quality ratio.
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