Shelves : useful and decorative for the whole house

There is no furniture more versatile than a shelf. You can use it in any room of your house, to decorate, support, store and organize anything you want. Shelves are usually part of the decoration, especially in living rooms, bedrooms and offices, but we see more and more of them in kitchens, bathrooms and balconies, the possibilities for decorating your home are endless. Find out how to use shelves in decoration, making the most of all the features of this furniture.

Shelves in every room

In the living room, bedroom and office, a shelf can be used as a support for books, various decorative objects, knick-knacks, audio and video devices, photos, and collectibles in general. In the kitchen, you can store dishes, pots and pans, utensils, supplies, equipment, cookbooks and anything else you need. In the more nature-oriented decorations, shelves are also used to support ornamental plants or aromas in the kitchen. In the bathroom, for example, you can store towels, cosmetics and toiletries on the shelves. And on balconies, the shelves work very well to set up a kind of vertical garden with various plants and flowers, depending on your decoration needs. In other words, a shelf can be installed in any corner of the house, giving utility and beauty to the space.

Decoration with shelves

Using symmetry for contemporary decoration Symmetry is a characteristic often used by interior designers when they think of a more classical, harmonious and, above all, sophisticated decoration. The balance between furniture and objects prevents the environment from appearing confused and overloaded. It is therefore a more conventional proposal, where the objects are arranged in pairs on the shelf, which gives an idea of the organization. In order to use this resource, the decoration is therefore constructed from a central point. Furniture and decorative objects are positioned there in a reflected manner, i.e. you repeat the same arrangement on both sides, as if the image had been reflected in a mirror.

Decorative shelving room

A shelf doesn't have to be a piece of furniture like any other, it can be "the" focal point of the environment. Choose the color of your shelf and harmonize the rest of the decoration with it.

Decoration with iron shelves

Relatively inexpensive and easy to find, iron shelves can be part of the decoration of various environments in your home. You can even buy a basic product and, with the help of a paint spray, completely transform the furniture. Or, buy it in the color you want, if you are not a fan of DIY. Another interesting idea is to make a composition with more than one shelf, to fill all the space you have.

Take advantage of all the space by using shelves.

You can take advantage of all the available corners by using shelf installation as a feature.

Shelves with mirror bottom

Mirror the back of your library and transform the furniture, like a gift, to "enlarge" the environment. A window on the opposite side of your bookshelf can contribute to the lighting of the whole environment, just use the same mirror trick applied to the bottom of the shelf.

Shelves with colored backgrounds : many possibilities

And who says a shelf has to be one color ? Combine several colors such as white and black or red, pastel colors or, on the contrary, brighter colors. By removing the bottom of the bookcase and letting the wall appear, you save on the carpentry budget.

Decorating with plaster shelves

It is possible to have plaster shelves made with different tricks. Recessed lighting is, as they say, "a plus!"

Shelves as room dividers

Storage shelves can be used as beautiful and versatile room dividers, adding charm and function.

A shelf in the bathroom : why not ?

To bring style to your bathroom, install a shelf, even in wood (oak for example). It will be multifunctional to store various objects (toilet paper, towels, etc.), but also decorative to install potted plants, photo frames, magazines... Your bathroom will then become a pleasant and original place to live.

Shelf in the kitchen

In the kitchen, shelves can also add decorative and storage functions. However, it's important to say that the absence of enclosed cabinets means that you don't have to relax in the organization. Also, the fact that dishes, pots and pans and other utensils are on display may require that everyone be washed before use.

Decoration with shelves on the balcony

Finally, on balconies, shelves can be used to store decorative objects as well as flower pots.
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