Some ideas of design objects for plant lovers

We first directed you to design Christmas gifts. In short, decorative gifts that we would all like to receive. But what if, for a change, we turned to green gifts? From the classic cachepot to the sculptural vase to the most designer planter of the moment, for Christmas, we don't skimp on style when it comes to highlighting our green plants. Plants invite themselves inside to bring a touch of freshness and soften the most urban lives, sometimes even to detoxify the atmosphere, with the famous depolluting plants. To showcase seasonal flowers and plants, we use hanging rattan pots, planters on chromed metal legs, XXL tubs with Scandinavian inspiration, pedestals, shelves designed especially for plants, precious tools such as a vintage mister or a golden watering can, and even stackable vases: very practical, by the way. Nowadays, green plants can be found everywhere, in a small studio as well as in the largest home. Thanks to a pretty little brass greenhouse in the living room, or a connected vegetable garden in the kitchen, we are putting our interior in the green. And to take perfect care of your plants, we equip ourselves with a beautiful watering can and colored tools. 

Designing vases and accessories for plants

Those who have a green thumb and like to surround themselves with plants at home and in outdoor spaces such as gardens and balconies will certainly appreciate the possibility of finding on the market a wide range of vases and planters designed precisely to furnish with vegetation. These are in fact objects designed by the greatest designers to devote themselves to the care of plants in the garden and the apartment without neglecting aesthetics and good taste. Not only containers, but also watering cans, lamps, hoses, hose holders and reels, in short everything you need for gardening, designed to be not only functional but also pleasing to look at. So let's take a look at some of the accessories that can help us furnish the house and garden with plants. There are many ways to integrate plants in your interior to obtain a nice result and to highlight them: superimposition, suspension, accumulation. Plants can be real decorative assets, and add charm and freshness to your rooms. You can make everything yourself.

1 - Make an original suspension

Here is an original and elegant way to highlight your plants: hang them in the air. You can hang them on a beam, above a piece of furniture, in front of windows. The advantage? Space saving, of course. Hanging your plants also allows you to "dress" a dull and sad wall. Guaranteed freshness effect.

2 - Relooking old flower pots for a "jungle" trend

Be creative and arrange several plants in pots of different sizes. Don't hesitate to play with varieties, foliage and colors.

3 - Create a vase support in the brass trend

Easy to realize, this vase support will frame your plant well. Find our tutorial to make it with tap seals, glazing bars and tap tees.

4 - Making a plant wall on a pallet

To enjoy nature in your home, make your own indoor plant wall.

5 - Perfect shelves for small plants

Here is an idea to make your own wall shelves and display your beautiful plants elegantly.

6 - Adopt an indoor planter

Very practical, charming, the indoor planter embellishes your living room and also allows you to grow plants all year round. 

7 - Make a cachepot

Finally, make your own pretty plant pots in rope and wool that will highlight your plants with an original design or a nice shape. 

8 - Dress up your hanging plants

You can also dress up your hanging pots with a nice weave.

9 - Highlight your plants by customizing small wicker baskets

Wicker baskets as planters, good idea. And to give them a little color, follow our customization tutorial.

10 - Original: transform a guitar into a decorative object for your plants

Finally, take a look to give new life to a guitar and highlight your plants in an atypical and funny way.

The wooden vase holder

Pigeon towers are stone constructions typical of rural landscapes, dating back to medieval times, when feudal regimes used pigeon breeding for various purposes related to agriculture and hunting. The Apulian countryside, in particular, hides many of these architectural jewels. These constructions are generally characterized by a cylindrical shape, shaped by ashlars arranged in a staggered pattern so as to create numerous niches in which the pigeons nest. Some of these ashlars protrude further, creating a sort of helical ladder useful for inspecting the nests. The Colombaia wooden vase holder, designed by Saverio Fasulo for Apulia Design, is inspired in its shape by these ancient constructions, whose chessboard wall fittings and spiral staircase he reproposes. In this case, however, nature is not outside, like the countryside around the old towers, but inside, where the pots with the plants can be placed.

The polyethylene vase

Eve is a polyethylene vase with soft lines by the trio of designers Busetti Garuti Redaelli for B Line. From a design point of view, its main characteristic is that it rests on a round base, but rising in height it takes the shape of a rounded triangle. In fact, the vase was born as the rib of Adam's table, from the same company, and represents his perfectly reversed image. Although they are two design objects designed to live separately, the table and the vase thus become complementary and excellent to combine, since they are inspired by the same design idea. The polyethylene used to make the Eve is rotationally molded, a technique that allows it to be used both indoors and outdoors. The vase is available in two heights: 71 cm and 101 cm.

The watering can

A watering can is mainly used in gardening, for manual watering of plants or seedlings, but its ability to carry liquid and pour it accurately makes it a useful object in other contexts : construction, cement works. Watering Pot is a watering can created by the Greek designer Aristotelis Barakos for the American company Valsfer. It is a functional and elegant ceramic container from Jingdezhen: China which, when not used as a watering can, is perfect as a flower vase.

Garden accessories

The Diamond of Garden Glory collection includes garden accessories whose shape is reminiscent of the facets of precious stones. The Diamond Garden Spade shovel has a polished brass blade. For the handle, on the other hand, compression molded plastic was preferred because it guarantees a longer life span than wood and is warmer to the touch than steel. The plastic watering can, blown in the shape of a diamond, becomes the jewel of any garden. It holds up to 8 liters of water and is available in the same colors as the hoses in the same collection. Like many enthusiasts, you like to spend hours in your garden to oxygenate yourself, to see your vegetable garden evolve or just to admire the latest decorations you have added, all occasions are good to spend a pleasant and resourcing moment. Faced with the number of diverse and varied tasks to be performed, whether to water, prune, cut, weed, compost or even harvest, Ducatillon has put together a selection of efficient and easy-to-use gardening tools: thermal or electric weeder, sprayer, composter, fruit picker and many others. But before practicing any activity in your garden, think about your gardening outfit: work pants, gloves, safety shoes, breathing mask, etc., all these indispensable items to work efficiently and safely: your well-being starts there. If your getaway is more like the water garden you've always dreamed of, you'll find on our site everything you need to make this charming and soothing corner a reality.
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