Specific floral decoration for each reception

Symbol of beauty, purity and love, flowers and roses are inherent to the decoration of our holidays. This is how we see wedding ceremonies embellished with the most beautiful flowers and brides holding colorful bouquets. Indeed, from the inside as well as the outside, a reception hall will need floral art to be properly decorated.

Floral decoration for weddings

The floral art is an idea of interior decoration inclined to transform the reception rooms by granting them a romantic cachet worthy of this great day. It will enhance the decor by highlighting certain decorative objects such as decorative candles on the tables. The floral art aims above all to create floral compositions using flowers. But it is also possible to integrate leaves, herbs, fruits or other botanical materials in these compositions. Mixing flowers with other elements of nature is well appreciated in order to enhance them.

Floral decoration of centerpiece

The centerpiece is one of the elements that should be carefully decorated in a reception room, because it should be pretty and romantic. The classic idea is to use the bouquet as a centerpiece. If you want to concoct round and greedy bouquets in pastel colors, the large rosebuds, buttercups and peonies in mauve-pink tones are perfect to be placed in a vase with wide edges, on a satin table runner. Multicolored tulips quilted in a wooden basket on a bed of moss will look great and match with a country wedding decoration. It is also possible to associate fruits with your flowers, such as red apples with scarlet roses and bunches of holly, to be placed in a wooden tray, or or oranges with their green leaves, with jasmine.

Zen floral decoration

If you want to have a zen decoration, put white flowers in transparent vases and decorate them with string at the top. Try to create a symmetrical arrangement with a few small decorative tealights in small glasses. And to give a vintage look to your table decorations, take some pretty glass water bottles with embossed patterns and place some long-stemmed flowers in them. Guaranteed effect!

Living room decoration with flowers

Table decoration is as important as living room decoration. That is why it is best to decorate it with pretty flowers for Christmas, Valentine's Day, birthdays or religious ceremonies... The specialists in floral art make bouquets by style : country, chic, exotic, fragrant for all your occasions. While preparing your family dinner or romantic dinner for example you can customize a transparent vase with flowers, magnify the chest of drawers or the coffee table with a sumptuous bucolic note! With a decorative paper, flower motifs, you can go further in the saga of floral decoration by decorating your walls to harmonize them with the nature trend.
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