What furniture should you choose to give an industrial style to your home ?

The main components of industrial style furniture are exposed bricks, resins, cement, antique furniture, salvaged items and much more. Find out everything you need to know about this special and unique style with tips and ideas below.

Industrial Style Furniture : meaning and origins

This type of furniture refers to the New York of the 1950s, when the most creative and original minds began to appropriate the ideas of reusing and reclaiming unused space. It was at that time that the idea was to recreate pleasant environments inside old warehouses and hangars that had been abandoned for a long time. Warhol reinforced this, creating a meeting point for all the artists of the time with The Factory, the studio created in an industrial apartment on the fifth floor of a building. It was then that this type of place began to appear in American series and films, in the same spaces that the general public then wanted to imitate, in order to be able to approach those scenes that they had only seen in Hollywood until then. Until today, when the industrial style took the name "industrial chic", a less crude version of what it was. Today, even if you don't have an old warehouse or disused warehouse and you don't live in New York, you can furnish a nice industrial style loft, transforming your place into a unique and original space, reminiscent of 1950s America.

Why furnish in industrial style ?

The reasons why you decide to furnish your home in industrial style can be diverse and obviously related to your personal tastes. It is highly appreciated by those who prefer everything that is old and is repaired, thus becoming a period object, capable of coming back to life. Industrial chic makes it possible to recreate the atmosphere of the past, to relive something that no longer exists today, to have a house that speaks of authenticity, an environment that recalls history.

Industrial style house 

You first choose a few essential parts, possibly for recovery. This is why it is always useful to make a nice visit to the antique markets and find the vintage objects with a unique style that you like the most, those that represent your tastes and needs. The beauty of choosing furniture for this type of style of furnishing is that the last thing that counts is perfection. Showing small flaws with elegance is one of the peculiarities that distinguishes the style of industrial furniture. The central concept is the recovery, the refurbishment of the old, ugly and used to make it beautiful and reusable. All this without having to renovate and bring in anything new, even showing imperfections. Among the most used elements in industrial style furniture are sturdy furniture with clean geometries, leather armchairs and sofas, rustic colors for walls and floors, metal or wooden chairs, palettes revisited to create coffee tables, ceiling lights and much more. Talking in detail about the different rooms of the house, the living room usually has the kitchen in sight with the peninsula, chairs and minimal accessories. Often the living room is close by, with no walls separating the two areas. Large grey wall radiators or cast iron stoves are widely used for heating or as a feature. The sleeping area, however, is the most inviting area in the house. Light is very important in furnished rooms for industrial style decoration. It usually manages to filter through the use of large windows and glass panes with simple fixings, lightening the atmosphere, since the different elements are visually very heavy. As far as lamps are concerned, the favorites for this type of furniture are the suspended lamps with visible wires, which give the idea of being in disused factories, reminiscent of the origins of the industrial furniture style. The other elements you like to show are the beams, bricks and pipes in sight, all the structural parts of the house are not hidden. The furniture is far from the idea of perfection, in fact you prefer to show the small defects in the paint or even the welds. In general, the most commonly used materials are stainless steel and wood. The color that should never be missing in a house with industrial style furniture is gray. Lamps and metal furniture are ideal, but you can also choose fabrics in this color, such as those for the bed or sofa. Grey is the protagonist of rooms furnished in this style. It is often best to combine it with black, white or even beige. Otherwise, it is decided to make contrasting pairings, flanking red or other dominant colors. The industrial style, despite its uniqueness, coexists very well with any other type of decoration and thought, it is one of its most appreciated advantages. Sometimes you can see, for example, large and elegant marble fireplaces that contrast with simple minimal metal tables in living rooms, which really create a very special effect. One last suggestion that you might appreciate regarding the choice of carpets, if you like this kind of elements inside your home. Remember that those that are more aesthetic, sophisticated, decorated with figures, would not fit in the rustic and casual industrial environment. You should prefer carpets in dark or faded colors, in shades of gray or red, orange or blue.

Industrial style renovation 

If you have decided to renovate your home and want to immerse yourself in the typical industrial style. It is always important to call on experts in the design sector. They have skills that will be able to advise you on the best solutions and the best ways to follow them in the most appropriate way, according to your tastes and the layout of your home.

Industrial-style renovation and layout 

The only way to save money, when you decide to renovate and fit out your home, is certainly to ask for additional quotes, choosing the best professionals in the area where you live. Only so that you can compare several solutions and adopt the one you prefer, with the best ratio between the quality of service and the price required for the work to be carried out.
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