What items turn home decoration into a cozy nest ?

Being satisfied with the look and décor of your home is not something very common, as trends change, as do individual tastes and preferences. With this in mind, it is interesting to think about the possibilities of renewing the appearance of a room without having to completely change its decoration and layout. Some decorative objects really have the power to change the sensations generated by an environment without requiring major renovations or upheavals. Discover 10 of these decorative objects that can transform the appearance of your home. 

1. Lamps and chandeliers

Lighting is a powerful factor when it comes to changing the appearance of environments: Lighting is one of the great assets of decoration and can radically change the atmosphere of an environment ! The effects that can be created with lighting are diverse. In more intimate and "relaxing" rooms, such as TV rooms and bedrooms, lower (yellowish) lighting can be a good request, as it makes the space more comfortable. In the children's environment, it is possible to include colored lights to give personality and joy to the environment. In addition to the type of light chosen, it is also possible to vary its format. Table, floor or ceiling lights, leds, flashing lights and chandeliers, to define the ideal format for you, you have to take into account your personal taste and also the area of the room to be lit, after all a big light in a small space creates a heavy atmosphere.

2. Elaborate mirrors

Mirrors are functional and at the same time decorative objects, which enlarge and illuminate spaces, in addition to being able to bring sophistication to the environment when accompanied by an elaborate frame or cut-out. To escape the traditional wall-mounted mirror, set up a gallery combining photos, posters and mirrors, or use mirrors in a more informal way: by leaning them on a bench, without fixing them to the wall.

3. Colored furniture

Colored furniture is a transformer, which brings joy and style to any environment. You can choose your favorite tone and add a piece of furniture painted with it to renew the space. In addition, this change of environment can be done either by replacing the existing furniture in the room with new furniture or by adding colors to the furniture you already have. You must be careful not to create a childish or heavy environment, color must be applied to key elements. Painting a chair with a bright and cheerful color, the result is impressive: it has a "lighting" effect, but at the same time it does not support the decoration.

4. Paper or wall tissue

Changing the appearance of walls is one of the most effective ways to renew the face of an environment. For those who are not fans of renovation, investing in paper or wall fabrics can be a great option to change the look of a space with practicality. In addition to renovating an entire room, wallpaper can be used to divide spaces. A great way to divide a space in a larger room, for example, if your home office is in the TV room, install wallpaper only in the area where the desk is leaning.

5. Fun cushions

Cushions are a fun decoration because, in addition to being available in a wide variety of models, they are light, comfortable and easy to renew (just change the covers). Pillows can help to break the neutrality of fabrics in larger furniture such as chairs and sofas. Just choose a few that match you and the room you want to decorate.

6. Brightly colored flowers

Although flowers are already present in the domestic environment, it is possible to use them in decoration without falling into the obvious. Brightly colored flowers can renew spaces and give life and joy to the environment. If your interior decoration is neutral and monochrome, adding a touch of color by means of a flower can be an excellent alternative to break the neutrality. In addition to being powerful when it comes to transforming spaces, flowers are flexible (they can be moved around without difficulty), affordable (they are easy to find and usually don't come at a very high price) and are also available in many colors, types, smells and sizes.

7. Nice kitchen accessories

Nowadays, it is possible to find kitchen utensils of different colors, shapes and functions. To get away from the basics, just choose the most creative items to your taste. By adding color and fun in the kitchen, you can make your recipes more tasty to prepare and the preparation environment very elegant and functional at the same time. "Leave kitchen accessories on display, such as wooden boards or counters for example, they are both decorative and functional," explains the designer.

8. Funny or romantic paintings

Customizable, available in different sizes and formats, adaptable to the various environments of the house, the paintings are another versatile decorative element and a joker to give style to any room. Nowadays, it's very easy to order posters exactly the way you want (there are applications that do this, for example!), so don't be afraid to customize them!

9. Contemporary craftsmanship

I made it" pieces are becoming more and more common, after all they combine style, functionality and economy. These handcrafted products are an excellent alternative for renewing environments, as they are usually unique and full of creativity in their composition. Craft styles are diverse and can have a more vintage, modern or minimalist touch. And since they are creations that can be made by yourself, you just have to choose an idea that suits you to test and decorate your home.

10. Stylish carpets

Carpets are items that bring comfort and complete the decoration of any space in an impressive way, as they break the characteristic coldness of the floor covering and create more comfortable spaces. Among the different models, styles and sizes available, simply choose the one that best reflects the idealized image for the room. No matter what you choose to give that special touch to an environment, what really matters is that this "touch" has your face and makes your space more comfortable and enjoyable for you and for those who live in it the most.
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