Which sink to choose for your bathroom ?

The days of the column bathroom sink are long gone. Today, even in the smallest bathrooms, the washbasin is placed, recessed or integrated into furniture and countertops which, in addition to giving style to the room and furnishing it tastefully, seem extremely functional because they offer useful storage space.

The wooden bathroom sink

Wood is always a material capable of giving warmth and hospitality to any environment and for this reason it is particularly appreciated also for bathroom furnishings. Wooden tops can be made with solid wood slats glued with glues that make them resistant to the humidity, which is present to a great extent in this room. Nevertheless, these solutions are valuable and therefore quite expensive, and also require special attention for daily maintenance. You can also fold the veneer tops. These tops are made of a not very noble wood panel. Even cheaper and less delicate are the floors whose structure is made of laminate and then covered with a sheet of noble wood. For daily cleaning, it is necessary to avoid the use of chemical detergents that could damage the material. It is also a living material and therefore subject to wear and tear and transformation over time. On the other hand, it is precisely the signs of time that make its charm, so there is no need to worry if it tends to change over the years.

Marble and granite countertop

The marble top is a more suitable solution for classic style bathrooms. Marble, as a natural material, has veins and shades of color that give its surface an irregular and ever-changing appearance. Even if you choose the same variety of marble, you will always have a unique and different bathroom. However, it is a delicate material that can be easily scratched. Indeed, you must be careful in its use and cleaning and avoid using acid detergents. Granite has darker and more suggestive shades than marble. Compared to marble, it is less prone to scratching and less delicate to acid. However, it is advisable to use water and neutral detergents in this case as well.

Ceramic bathroom sink

Ceramic is probably the most resistant and practical material to clean and is now undergoing treatments that make it even more robust. It is therefore acid-resistant, waterproof and very easy to clean. In addition, besides the traditional white with all its possible shades, you can choose many elegant colors. Ceramic is also the most economical solution for a washstand.

Bathroom sink made of composite materials

There are also particularly functional synthetic materials available for the creation of the washstand. For example, corian is made of a mixture of natural materials in different percentages, bonded by an acrylic resin. Its main advantage is its extreme malleability and the possibility of being machined on the lathe, allowing the creation of tops of any shape and size, ensuring the possibility of creating completely personalized solutions. There is also the possibility of shaping the material so as to integrate the sink, in order to have a continuous surface without the presence of joints. It is also not subject to color changes when exposed to sunlight and any damage to the surface can be repaired with an abrasive sponge. On the other hand, the cost of the product is higher compared to other materials. Similar characteristics as Corian also exist in other composite materials, such as Cristalplan and Cristalite, which are made up of a percentage of natural materials and a percentage of polymers.

Glass bathroom sink

Glass tops are very hygienic and therefore particularly suitable for the bathroom and, thanks to their transparency, they furnish with elegance. However, it is quite delicate, both because it is easily subject to scratches and for the difficulty of cleaning, as it is prone to stains and halos.

Steel bathroom sink

Steel is a practically indestructible material, but unfortunately easy to scratch. It must therefore be treated and cleaned with care. You can choose a glossy or satin finish, but as it may look a little cold, it is best to enrich the rest of the bathroom with the right choice of colors.
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Bathroom sink : how to choose the right one ?

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